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Make Your Own 6539 Fuel Pressure Test Adapter

Posted by Russell Wright on October 23, 2010

I was working on my ‘97 Chrysler Sebring convertible and needed to check the fuel pressure to see if my fuel pump was operational.  I went to my local Autozone and borrowed their fuel pressure test kit, but unfortunately, there is not at adapter suitable for use on the Mitsubishi 2.5 liter engine.  It has one of those “clip on” fuel fittings.  My shop manual stated I needed a 6539 fuel pressure test adapter.  Looking online, you can find them for about $50.  But I was in a hurry so I fabricated one.  Here it is.


I purchased an FF677 (G6340) fuel filter for about $10 which had the correct fitting for the clip-on part.  I used the “universal” tee fitting that came with the tester and connected everything together as shown.  Then, I connected it to the fuel line and rail.


Now I had a good schrader fitting that I could attach the fuel test gauge to.


Even though the car won’t start, it registers about 50 psi while cranking.  But unfortunately, no “bang.” 


2 Responses to “Make Your Own 6539 Fuel Pressure Test Adapter”

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  2. Eric Molina said

    Great idea. Thank you for sharing. I need to make a fuel pressure test adapter for a Jeep Grand Cherokee like this one.
    I’ll probably end up going to the wrecking yard to get the correct hose ends.

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