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16 Responses to “About”

  1. steve said

    Do you still have a SL32 2R025 thermister from fixing your chlorine generator? I cant find them anywhere?

  2. Glenn said

    Do you still have a SL32 2R025 thermister from fixing your salt generator?

  3. darrell said

    Hi Russell, I found you on LinkedIn. I have a solutions architect job here in Austin. Interested?

  4. Biff said

    My Aqua Rite has the same problems as yours. How can I order the parts from you? What type payment do you accept? If it is too much trouble, should I try to find the varistors online from a distributor? Thanks for all your advice.

    • Russell Wright said

      I do have the parts and you can find them on my listing on Webstore or Craigslist. The easiest way to is to use Paypal, but I’ll take about anything. Russ

  5. David Conners said

    Russell, thanks for all your info! I’m doing “Installing PAC AAI-FRD04 Auxiliary Input in a 2006 Ford Focus” on my daughters 2007 – you covered it all and made my life so easy.

  6. Mark Edmunds said

    Russ, I used your great info a couple of year back to replaced the thermister on the main board on my Aqua Rite chlorinator. Recently the display is totally blank with no red or green lights either. However, when I remove the LCD display and put it back on, the display lights, gives a reading and then slowly fades out after about 15 seconds. Thinking it was the display I bought a new one but it did the same thing. Any suggestions?
    Thanks Mark in Fla.

  7. Bob Stewart said

    Hi RusselI,
    I am replacing the water pump on my ’97 Sebring Convertible and your article with photos has been a great help.Now I need to get the correct torque settings for the four bolts holding the motor mount bracket to the block, for the three bolts attaching it to the motor mount and finally for the two long bolts holding the mount to the frame.Hope you can help.
    Thank you very much,
    Bob Stewart

  8. Dion Casto said

    Might you be in the Dallas Area? I need all three thermistors. Pls email to

  9. Amie Davis said


    I have a DLC-10 Cuisinart just like you do. My problem is the latch (clip) that locks the lid together with the bowl has broken, Nobody sells this white latch/clip and therefor my Cuisinart is useless right now.

    Do you have any suggestions as to what I could use or what I can do to fix this? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

  10. Peggy said

    I wish I’d found this article on Life Fitness elliptical before today!! Here is an email I just wrote to the local Johnson Fitness store I bought the elliptical at:

    On Dec 22, 2017, I got a Life Fitness E1 Elliptical delivered. It has a Go Console.
    This product was delivered and “installed” on: 12/22/17
    through the support delivery staff of Jaime F and Arturo M, whom I understood work for Johnson Fitness.

    Jaime who is the team member who was handling the console ‘installation’ said to me that he is a mechanic and doesn’t know anything about software or the operational steps for the console programs/features/functioning. He regrettably was not able to answer questions I had about using the console.
    And the Owner’s manual, 8975101 Rev B-2, doesn’t cover the usage of this computer console component of the equipment in the proper extent & depth needed to understand its operation.
    I had written Life Fitness an email asking for a tech to call me to discuss my Go Console questions.

    I received a call 12/27/17 from technical support at Life Fitness and was assigned case#: XXXXXXXX.
    I spoke w/ Marletta.
    I had hoped she would be able to walk me through setting up the E1 User Profile, but, when we began to do this over the phone the console did not display or respond as she said it was supposed to.
    Marletta diagnosed I needed a replacement console and said that the software wasn’t working properly.

    This is a disappointment and an inconvenience that I certainly didn’t understand I would experience with a long established brand like Life Fitness.
    During my shopping spree for this, I had asked the local Rockville dealer I purchased this elliptical from if the equipment had a computer component and I was told he didn’t know.
    How could he not know that? really…..

    I believe the people sent to an installation of this kind of computer based equipment should and need to have a solid understanding of how it works. Isn’t that what installation means?
    Products with computers require a higher level of support competence and know-how. This product is a computer, posing as an elliptical.

    During my call w/ Marletta, I asked that the tech visit be expedited and she said she would try.
    Per Marletta Normal tech service scheduling was to be two days for the tech to come.

    But, later today I was told that
    the best Life Fitness is able to do is send a tech here on 1/2/18 which is a full week away from today and 12 days After the product was delivered, which is a long time to have a product that is not working.

    I considered accepting the Life Fitness Plan B of expediting scheduling of this by using one of their “independent service provider/organizations,”
    but, the Life Fitness phone support staff have now recommended I wait until the regular Life Fitness Technical Support staff is back on 1/2/18 to have someone properly trained to support the console and software that runs it come here with the replacement console. I have agreed with them to accept the 1/2/18 date.

    I await confirmation from them that this is scheduled and the time to expect their technician.

    If for some reason Life Fitness doesn’t schedule this for 1/2/18, this purchase has to be returned, at no expense to me, and my full purchase price needs to be credited back to the chargecard I used to buy it.

    And, IF the Life Fitness technician who is sent to my home on 1/2/18 with the replacement console doesn’t have the knowledge and skillset to have the console fully functioning upon the end of their 1/2/18 visit, I need to return this E1 Elliptical equipment, at no cost to me, because I will then have No confidence the console will be stable and consistently working and supported.

    There are the terms we agreed to over our phone call today and this is what I understand has been agreed to.
    Also, in the event these above named requirements are not met and the equipment has to be returned,
    I ask to have my original old Life Fitness elliptical I had here be returned to me so that I am placed back whole as I was when this all started.

    I was told by the local gym equipments stores that my former Life Fitness elliptical could not be repaired b/c they didn’t have that console or parts for it anymore.
    Frankly, I am getting COLD FEET about this since your console dies JUST after warranty ended.
    Please tell me:
    1. Is your elliptical still working?
    2. Should I return this b/c your guess is it will always be problematic (the console and the software that is)?
    3. Is there a better product you bought and avoided this whole mess?

    PLEASE reach me before Jan 1!! I SO SO APPreciate your thoughts/help!!!

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