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Always Show Full Menu (AdaptiveMenus) Not Sticking – Office 2007

Posted by Russell Wright on December 27, 2009

This is one of the things I detest most in MS Office apps.  The dreaded “Adaptive Menus.”  And yet, after all these years, they continue to come back and haunt me.  I just want them gone!  They started showing up the other day in Outlook 2007.  Then I noticed them in Project.  Where were they coming from?


They are controlled by the Tools | Customize menu option.  All you should have to do is check “Always show full menus” checkbox and you should be done.  I did this repeatedly, but every time I started Outlook, it went away.


The setting is actually in the registry under AdaptiveMenus in the following key path:



Each time I started Outlook I could see it come back (AdaptiveMenus=1) by pressing F5 to refresh the registry editor (REGEDIT) after starting Outlook.  I started hunting around and decided to look at the Add-ins that were loading.  To do this, open the Trust Center under the Tools menu. 


I only had three Add-ins loading and I knew I wanted to keep Kaspersky (anti-virus).  I didn’t think the Outlook VBA Add-in would be a problem.  After fiddling around a little, I found that deselecting the magicJack Add-in would prevent this problem from recurring. 


Now I’ve got my full menus back and they are STICKY!  Yeah!  It’s the little things in life…


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Bluetooth hardware not found on ASUS eee PC 1005HA-PU17

Posted by Russell Wright on December 26, 2009

We got our daughter an ASUS eee PC (netbook) for Christmas which came with Windows 7 starter.  I was replacing the Windows 7 starter edition with a full-up version of Windows 7 Ultimate and, after I was done, the O/S couldn’t see any Bluetooth hardware.  I was pretty sure the computer had a Bluetooth radio in it, so I checked the BIOS and, sure enough, there was a setting to enable or disable the Bluetooth radio.  However, Windows 7 wasn’t seeing it. 

I had previously updated the BIOS to the latest version using ASUS Update with the original Windows 7 starter, so I was pretty sure I didn’t need to upgrade the BIOS.  However, after the Windows 7 upgrade, any time I tried to install the Bluetooth drivers using the latest s/w from the ASUS site, I received an error stating “Bluetooth hardware not found…” or something similar.  I messed with this for two or three hours.

Finally, I decided to go through a BIOS upgrade again.  Essentially, I upgraded to the same version that I already had loaded.  After “upgrading” the Bluetooth hardware was recognized by Windows 7 and everything worked.

Hope this helps someone else who might be experiencing the same problem!

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