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Outlook Prompts for Credentials from Previous Account

Posted by Russell Wright on November 18, 2009

I had a 1and1 Exchange account for a short period of time and after I switched to SherWeb, I continued to get prompted for some credentials to log on to the 1and1 Exchange server.  I used Fiddler to look at the http traffic and noticed that it was still attempting to perform an autodiscovery query against the 1and1 server.  Each time it did this, I received a logon dialog.


I scrounged around the registry and found the AutoDiscover key in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.  It looked like it could be the source of the issue, since it was pointing to my SharePointRx domain. 



The AutoDiscover entry was pointing to an XML file called redirect.xml located in the “Documents and Settings\User\Application Data” folder.  This XML file did indeed contain an entry that pointed to the 1and1 Exchange server.


I deleted the registry entry and am no longer getting the 1and1 security dialog prompt. 

In case you’re wondering, I moved from 1and1 to SherWeb because I could never get Outlook to stop hanging when it accessed the 1and1 Exchange server.  I messed with it for a couple of weeks and lost several hours of productivity waiting form Outlook to stop hanging.  I thought I had an Outlook problem.  I did a bunch of traffic tracing with Fiddler and found that it always seemed to hang at the time it was accessing the 1and1 servers, so in desperation, I switched Exchange providers.  Never had a problem with SherWeb…everything worked like a hose from day one.  I did get a support person at 1and1 to indicate they had a problem they were working through Microsoft, but I couldn’t wait for them to get it resolved.  It had already sucked the life out of me!

One Response to “Outlook Prompts for Credentials from Previous Account”

  1. I’m eternally grateful, couldn’t figure this out for the life of me. It was driving me completely crazy! Thanks so much!!

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