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Repairing the Eddy Current Brake on a LifeFitness x5i Elliptical

Posted by Russell Wright on April 19, 2016

Well, I’ve now done this twice and I never published the pictures I took the first time, so here goes. 

What you may notice is the resistance is always higher than what you want…or what you remember the least resistance to be.  In fact, at one point, you might have heard the "pop" or "snap" while using your elliptical and notice the resistance no longer adjusts as low as it should.  You’ve come to the right place, and I’ll show you how to repair this for $10 or so.

So what is an "Eddy Current Brake?"  Well, it’s the magnetic part that creates the adjustable resistance on your machine.  In particular, we’re talking about the FB1 manufactured by Chi Hua in Taiwan.  To break (brake…LOL) it down in simple terms, eddy currents are created from the magnetic flux (of magnets) passing through a coil of wire (conductor).  Basically, you have a generator that creates small currents in a conductor that are essentially short circuited and turned into heat.  You can read about it at the source of all knowledge…Wikipedia.  This is what makes the drag force on your elliptical…you know, the thing that makes your legs hurt and sweat pour from your body.  Check it out on their web site and use your web browser’s translate feature.


Well, here’s what happens.  The blue actuator pulls and releases the cable based on the level setting.  This makes the white part in the green ECB (Eddy Current Brake) travel back and forth, which moves the magnets away from and closer to the flywheel, generating your resistance.


Unfortunately, after some period of time, the cable wears and snaps in two.  This is shown after removing the green part (essentially the stator). 


Getting the green part (stator) out (assuming yours is green, too) requires some mechanical work, but it’s not too hard…just takes some time.  You have to remove the flywheel.  Release the tension on the belt by loosening the nut on the tensioner.  Then you have to remove the flywheel nuts and the tensioner bracket.



You also have to remove the stator locking bracket to get it out of the way.  The actuator cable is easier to remove from the blue actuator side first by pulling and unwrapping it from the nylon spool.


What you are going to have to do is fashion a new cable to replace at least the one that broke.  Maybe two, if the other is worn and fraying.  I did this by purchasing a bicycle shifter cable ($5) and grinding down the barrel end with my Dremel tool to make it the correct diameter and length.  The ball end of the cable is not very critical.  It simply needs to NOT pass through the hole in the magnet.  You can pass the barrel end through the hole when threading it in place.  The replacement for the ball is a cable clamp that has been "swaged" in place using a crimping tool.  I used my ratcheting electrical crimpers, but you may want to opt for something more professional, like these hydraulic crimpers.


Here are my notes I took with my calipers.  Notice the leftover Christmas notepad paper. 


I didn’t get any pics of the stator taken apart, but it’s pretty easy to remove.  Two allen set screws hold it to the shaft.  Loosen these and pull it out…you’ll feel the magnets wanting to keep it in the flywheel.  Then there are some black phillip screws holding it together and the four silver screws that hold the thingamajiggy with the allen set screws.  Inside you’ll see the white plastic actuator that connects all the cables.

When you are done you’ll have something that looks like this.  Not really pretty, but very functional.



14 Responses to “Repairing the Eddy Current Brake on a LifeFitness x5i Elliptical”

  1. George Lucier said

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this repair! After 13 years (and tens of millions of steps), my LifeFitness x5i finally suffered the exact cable break that you describe here. I was able to repair it exactly as you describe here. It cost me a little more money than you. I had the bicycle brake cables lying around from years ago, but I had to buy the $30 tool and $1 aluminum pieces to swage onto the larger end of the cable pieces. Only one of my cables was broken, but the other one had a frayed wire, so I went ahead and replaced it, too. Now the elliptical works like dream again. The $31 is a small price to pay considering what the elliptical cost more than a decade ago. Thank you!

  2. Daniel O' said

    I pulled the elliptical apart and there is no brake in the cable. It feels like I am getting resistance all the time but I have seen the cable moving the magnets up and down as I change the resistance level. Even when the machine is off it seems like there is resistance. Is that possible? I can’t see any other reason for the resistance and there is no safety mode coming up on my console. I have an x5 built in 2006. Not sure what to do next?

  3. Adams said

    I would like to know how you managed to fully open the flywheel to have access to the magnets ? (removal of the black part surrounding the green one)… And also , do you think it’s possible to take off some of the magnets in order to lower the lowest resistance level ? I am desperately looking for info on this….

    • Russell Wright said

      I think if you read the text you’ll find there are some black screws and some silver screws that need to come out and then you need to overcome the force of the magnets to pull it apart. But it’s been a long time since I took this apart, so it’s pretty fuzzy.

  4. Melissa said

    Is it difficult to reassemble the elliptical once you have taken it apart -with the belt etc. Do you need to add lubricant anywhere else for typical maintenance?

    • Russell Wright said

      I don’t consider it difficult. It’s just a number of screws. Haven’t added much lubricant to anything over the years of ownership, however I always lubricate the pins on which the pedals swing. As I remember, many of these use bronze bearings, so a little grease is all you need.

  5. chuck said

    Thanks for all the great info. Is there anyway to get the white plastic piece that the cables attach to.

    • Russell Wright said


      The only thing I can think of is to go back to the manufacturer and order the part. I’m just a guy who fixes is own stuff. 🙂

  6. Russell Wright said

  7. Ed M said

    My life fitness elliptical broke 2 months ago. I heard the pop after turning it on. I have taken it apart completelynow. Your summary is excellent! I can peek at the top (outside circumference) part of the green disc and see the frayed end of the cable wire. that broke I just can’t get the green disc removed from the black circular jacket. Is there a recommendation on how to slide out the green disc in order to get to replace the frayed cable? I have tried a pry bar but i might break the green plastic around the magnets. Thanks!

    • Ed M said

      i finally figured it out. there was a black set screw on the side. once you remove that, the green disc easily slides out of the black circular case.

  8. Devon said

    So.. my cables have popped out of the white plastic actuator because it has worn the plastic and is broken. Any ideas where you can buy the white piece that holds the cables or do I need to purchase a whole new eddy break?

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