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Lenovo Yoga 13 Screen Won’t Autorotate

Posted by Russell Wright on May 24, 2014

There seems to be an outstanding issue for many with the Lenovo Yoga 13 where the screen doesn’t automatically rotate.  I know on mine I’ve had this issue. Here are a couple of things to check.

First, when you are in notebook (laptop) mode, on the right edge of the keyboard portion of the machine is a small button.  This locks/unlocks the screen rotation.


Reading through this post on the Lenovo support forum gave me lots of ideas of things to check.  I usually go to the end of these types of posts to see if there’s been any resolution, instead of just complaints.  Some of the ideas…

  • Reboot the computer
  • Reinstall the chipset drivers
  • Reinstall Windows
  • Take the computer back where you bought it

What I found in device manager was a message in the device status area that stated something in the Sensor Collection couldn’t start.  Unfortunately, I didn’t capture it at the time.  However, I simply disabled and enabled the HID Sensor Collection and the screen rotation function began working again.



So, I’m relieved to know it’s not a hardware issue, but what caused this to become “broken” is unknown at this time.

6 Responses to “Lenovo Yoga 13 Screen Won’t Autorotate”

  1. Vik said

    Hi, I was having the same problem and was able to capture a screenshot of it, but I can’t seem to post it here. What the message wrote was
    This device cannot start. (Code 10)

    Failed to initialize sensor from HID collection descriptor.

  2. Kev said

    Thanks! This fixed my problem, as well. And, this is a completely new Yoga, so it is almost certainly not a hardware issue.

    There is also the option of just using Ctrl+Alt+(arrow key) to manually pick the direction if it’s not to my liking, but it’s just annoying to to have to manually change things for which sensors are built in to do automatically.

  3. Nick M said

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your effort and precise resolution. For months my Yoga 13 would not auto rotate and in frustration I called Lenovo this morning and was informed my laptop was out of warranty. So the only solution was to pay $99 for a one time tech support with a 3 day warranty to fix this issue. You well written page saved me frustration and money. Thanks again!

  4. Robert McWilliam said

    It was the auto-lock button. Thanks!

  5. rych said

    This was a great fix just installed win 10 on my yoga and the screen rotation was broken but it works now.

  6. HARRY said

    I totally fixed my autorotate problem! I change the setting for the ymc service to “delayed start.” I discovered that if I stopped the ymc service completely, the only way I would get autorotate was to put the Yoga to sleep and then take out of sleep. If I stopped the ymc service from starting at start up and then manually started it, autorotate would work, so the logical thing to do was to delay it from starting right away. That has worked perfectly so far.

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