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So You Want to Remotely Manage a Computer From Another on Different Workgroups/Domains?

Posted by Russell Wright on November 4, 2013

Let’s say you have a Windows 7 computer, A, which is not in a domain, but simply in a workgroup at home.

Let’s say you have a Windows server, B, which is a VM host but not in a domain.

Let’s also say you have network connectivity between the two.

If you want to run the compmgmt.msc mmc snap-in and manage computer B from computer A try this:

  1. Open an administrative command prompt on computer A (shift right-click, Run As Administrator)
  2. Type the following Runas command:  runas /noprofile /netonly /user:ComputerB\administrator “mmc comp
  3. You should be prompted for your administrative password on computer B.
  4. When computer management opens, select Action | Connect to another computer from the menu.


Now you can also turn this into a desktop shortcut and automatically connect to the remote computer using this adjustment to the command line:

runas /noprofile /netonly /user:ComputerB\administrator “mmc comp mgmt.msc /computer:\\ComputerB”

You should be good to go…at least I was.



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