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Improving the Usability of a Cuisinart Food Processor

Posted by Russell Wright on September 23, 2012

Warning:  Do not do this if you believe the nanny government is smarter than you and needs to protect you from all the hazards of life.  And please, don’t give me any grief because of what I’ve done here.  You don’t have to do it and I’m perfectly capable of making my own decisions about how much government “protection” I need in my life.  Come to think of it, I probably need more protection from the government…but I digress.

Here is the subject Cuisinart food processor.  It’s DLC-10.  A good device, but too many safety mechanisms have been incorporated over the years which make it impossible to easily clean. 


The pusher tube is the the main culprit.  It is captive to the safety assembly collar that must be clipped and unclipped each time you want to put something in the tube.  So basically, to shred cheese, you have to unclip the whole pusher tube, stick a piece of cheese in the tube and re-clip the safety tube mechanism in place.  Many people would not consider this a big deal, but I was always asking myself, “what’s wrong with doing it the way I always did it as a kid?”  In other words, pull out the pusher tube, drop in the cheese, and push.  I understand what they are trying to do…prevent people from putting their hands down the tube.  But the main thing is that it is almost impossible to clean.  I was reading a review by a person on Amazon that stated she wouldn’t use the device for any meat products because she didn’t think she could get it clean enough to prevent some type of bacterial growth that would ultimately make someone sick.  I no longer have that problem with this food processor.  By the way, I would rather have to pass an IQ test and purchase a product that was labeled as “dangerous.”  But don’t get me started…


So, what did I do?  The “Tim the tool-man Taylor” thing…I modified it!  On the bottom of the assembly I simply used a Dremmel tool to grind out a little bit of plastic that allows the tube to be captive in the safety interlock collar assembly.  You could easily use a drill bit, but the Dremmel was the tool of choice for me.  


After this bit of plastic was removed the pusher easily comes out of the assembly for cleaning.  I used a file to clean up the slot a little, but other than that, I got the exact results I desired.  The pusher slides perfectly over the tabs on the sides of the safety interlock collar.  No more captive pusher!



Now the little locking mechanism on the assembly has a real purpose.  It keeps the two pieces together for storage and, when you unlock them, it comes apart.  What a concept!


Now, if we could only purchase a normal gas can with a normal spout…

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