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Notes From a Failed Installation of a Parrot CK3000 Evolution Bluetooth in a 2002 Prius

Posted by Russell Wright on January 2, 2012


These are my quick notes so I don’t forget what I spent a great deal of time doing on 12/31 and 1/1, without a positive outcome.

Purchased a used CK3000 on eBay and took my chances on whether or not it would really work.  Tried to save a few bucks…probably a bad idea.  The CK3000 in my 1997 Sebring convertible works great.

Removed the dash to get to the radio using the instructions located on Coast Electronic Technologies web site.  Relatively easy process, but quickly found that trying to release the clips on 10+ year old plastic quickly yields a handful of broken plastic clips.  Also had to glue the left vent back in place, as it snapped off its standoff that it is screwed to.  Very fragile after 10 years of Texas heat.

Purchased a Metra BT1761 for $29.99.  I think the QCTOY-1 wiring harness is the same.  Found that the CK3000 (s/w 5.11) was an Eclipse model (not marked as Evolution, but is supposed to be the same).  Also found the CK3000 didn’t ship with the ISO power adapter, so I had to do some soldering of the CK3000 power cable to tap into the power.  Since I didn’t have the correct power cable with its connectors, I had to cut the double female ISO connector in two with a hacksaw so each connector was separate.  That way I could plug it into the duplex male connector and feed the power back to the radio.

The speaker connectors and the muting relay box seemed to work, since the speakers on the car correctly worked when everything was connected.  The problem, however, was when power was applied to the brain, there was no indication of power on the controller (no lights).  Even opened up the controller to make sure the wires were attached.  There was also a pin on the small brain connector (white wire) that was pushed out of the connector.  I had to bend the lock back so it would stay in place.

The operation is straightforward.  The speaker relay box is wired so as to disconnect the back speakers and route the phone audio through the front speakers when the phone is active.

Not sure if there is really a TEL/MUTE function on the radio, although the wire is there on my Prius harness.  Doesn’t really need it because the speaker relay box would take care of muting the radio.  The mute wire (yellow) is there if you have another function that needs to operate the mute functionality.

Prius radio connector diagram

Connectors from the back of the radio (2 of 3).



Good source of Toyota radio connector diagrams/pictures.

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