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Deleting a Calendar in Microsoft Project 2010

Posted by Russell Wright on June 12, 2011

I’m not a Microsoft Project expert, but I’ve been using project off and on since the mid 90’s and usually know what I want to accomplish with it.  At times, however, I tend to struggle trying to find the commands in the stupid tool ribbon. 

I created a custom calendar to represent a reduced work schedule, but I originally created it with a typo and wanted to remove it.  Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out how to delete or rename the offending calendar using any of the options in the Project Properties ribbon.  Seems like it would make sense to be in there somewhere.  I also tried to find it in the File | Options dialog on the “backstage.” 


I finally found it within the Organizer within View menu (that makes lots of sense).  If you navigate to one of the view selectors you can find the Organizer.  The organizer has all the management options for the objects stored in the global and project templates.  Once you find this, it’s easy to delete or rename your calendar.


Okay, now I feel better.

21 Responses to “Deleting a Calendar in Microsoft Project 2010”

  1. TechDhaval said

    Thanks for the valuable information…

    I was also searching for the same issue… finally got answer from you…

    Good work.

    Keep it up

  2. Ryan said

    Life was so much simpler in Project 98 (and 2003). I hadn’t used the software since then, these new calendars are awful for those of us on “not normal office hours” type projects.

    Thanks for posting!

  3. Katherine said

    Thank you so much for sharing the work it took you to figure this out! This program is awesome… and quite confusing with all it’s multi-dimensions, ribbons and views.

  4. Eric H. said

    Thanks. Pretty difficult to found this by myself.

  5. Vicki H said

    Thank you so much. As a student working with MS Project for the first time in more than 15 years, I was totally lost. Thanks so much for posting this information. I finally got the two calendars deleted that were made with too many mistakes to submit for grading.

  6. Paramasivan said

    Thanks for sharing this information. I was struggling to figure it out.

  7. TX Trey said

    Hey Russ. EXCELLENT! I have been struggling to delete a typo’d calendar for about an hour and figured I would check the net. The MS Project “Help” within the backstage left me floundering. Found this site and you have set me straight. Thanks for taking the time and sharing this.

  8. Bryan said

    You just saved me quite a lot of frustration. Clear and intuitive user interfaces is definitely NOT one of Microsoft’s strengths, to be sure. Plus, their in-program help tool doesn’t say anything on this simple task. Thanks for posting your solution!

  9. Stijn Vanderelst said

    Thnx Russell!

  10. Jorge said

    Thank you very much for your help, it saved me a lot of time searching for the way, now I found another (shorter) way to reach the Organizer:
    Just click on Tools, then Organizer and you get it.

  11. Jane said

    Thank you so much for this valuable info…… annoying it’s hidden away like that. Not very user friendly at all!!

  12. Alexander said

    thanks for the help!

  13. Robin Gates said

    I’ll add my thanks. This saved me some time.

  14. T.L.Bowers said

    Thanks. I was looking for that too. Yes, its in a dumb place.

  15. Sumod said

    Thanks a lot

  16. Warren James said

    Excellent. gr8 help. thank you. 🙂

  17. Tiago Silveira said

    Thanks god!!! I couldn´t find this anywhere…

  18. Michael said


  19. Akhil Vijayan said

    Thanks a ton bro !!…I feel like I should pay you for this info 😀 LOL….had been struggling for days to find how….

  20. Pedot said

    Bro, you really help me. A very big thanks bro.

  21. Star said

    Thanks a lot. Definitely I wouldnt I have found out myself.

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