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Nettalk Duo Won’t Configure Behind Multiple Network Switches/Hubs

Posted by Russell Wright on March 13, 2011

I recently moved my Nettalk Duo from my office to my home and found that it wouldn’t get an IP address or configure itself in my home office.  I have multiple switches/hubs…in fact, the device I was plugging the Nettalk Duo in to is actually an old Linksys EFAH05W network hub.  The hub is uplinked to another switch in my wiring closet.  When I plugged the Nettalk Duo into the Linksys hub, it would never configure itself.

However, after I unplugged the uplink cable and plugged it directly in to the Duo, DHCP did its wonders and the Duo was configured and operational.  Afterwards, I found that I could plug the uplink cable back into the hub and plug the Duo into an open port on the hub and it would continue to work.  Guess that old hub was kinda’ getting in the way.  Probably due for an upgrade.

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