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Copy Outlook Signature Files From One Computer to Another

Posted by Russell Wright on November 30, 2010

Using the procedure provided by the Microsoft Outlook team you can back up your signature files and restore them on another computer.  I was actually transferring them from an XP computer running Outlook 2010 to a Windows 7 computer running Outlook 2010.

The primary, mystery meat navigation trick to this is to ctrl-click on the signatures button to open the folder where all your signature files are located.  From here you can copy all the contents from one machine to another (or to a backup location).

On Outlook 2010, this button is located on the “backstage” options screen.  Use File | Options and select the Mail item to navigate to the Signatures button.  This is where you can ctrl-click to open the folder containing the signature files.


On the XP machine, the location of the Signatures folder is Documents and Settings\Username\ApplicationData\Microsoft\Signatures.


On the Windows 7 machine, the location is Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures.


You should now have access to your signatures.


One Response to “Copy Outlook Signature Files From One Computer to Another”

  1. Emile GOUIRAN said

    I followed the exact procedure and the Signature file contains all the folders and three files for each signature. Yet, my Outlook 2016 does not show any signatures. Suggestions for a fix ?

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