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Installing Batteries in a Bell Night Shield Multi-Purpose Light

Posted by Russell Wright on June 26, 2010

I received a Bell Night Shield tail light for my bike on my birthday and of course, it requires that batteries are installed.  Two AAA batteries is all it needs. 

After removing it from its packaging, I read the measly instructions.  You can see them here…and I quote:

  1. To install batteries, wedge a coin into the groove in the bottom of the cabinet and twist – install 2 AAA batteries as indicated in the cabinet.
  2. Stretch bracket around seat post.  Use rubber inserts to fit as needed.
  3. Serrated bracket fits to clamp.  Insert knob and tighten.
  4. Slide light onto bracket.  Adjust light so it faces rearward using twist knob.
  5. To remove the light from bracket, push back tab and slide.

So step 1 is/are the entire battery installation instructions.  I did as instructed and off popped the red cover.  Underneath are the LEDs and silver cover for the circuit board.  Somehow I was determined that all of that would lift out and I would see the battery “cabinet.” 

Luckily I stopped before going too far.  After looking closely, I could see that there appeared to be another piece that could be separated/removed.  Sure enough, the piece on the left is what really needed to be separated from the battery compartment, not the red cover.

When you insert a coin to split the case, make sure you go under the red gasket and don’t catch the red light cover…which is really easy to do.  I think the red light cover comes apart more easily than the battery compartment.


7 Responses to “Installing Batteries in a Bell Night Shield Multi-Purpose Light”

  1. tara said

    Thank you so much for this. My boyfriend and i felt like the dumbest people in the world because we kept taking off only the red cover, Thanks!

  2. Kirk said

    Thanks for the help as I too was taking off the cover. Works great with batts installed!

  3. Jack said

    Thanks, I did the exact same thing! Appreciate it! Jack

  4. Harry said

    Thanks for the tip. I just bought one of these units and nearly broke it in an attempt to get to the battery compartment, until I searched for some info on it. Now I know how to replace the batteries with no chance of damage. Thanks!

  5. Trevor said

    Gotta love Google. I wasn’t sure what to do, but my search lead me to your instructions. Bingo! Cover safely and cleanly off!

  6. Mary said

    When I FINALLY got to installing this light on my bike, I couldn’t find ANY instructions. Thanks so much for posting this. It worked perfectly!!

  7. Salah said

    I´ve had this item in its original box for years. Finally have a bike to install it on. I didn´t have the instructions sheet and couldn´t figure it out. But you made that possible. Thank you.

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