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Can’t Connect to Virtual Machine in Hyper-V Manager

Posted by Russell Wright on March 29, 2010

My cohorts and I spend significant time in Hyper-V and are really impressed with the performance improvements.  As we were resuming the installation of a SharePoint 2010 environment we ran in to a strange problem.  From Hyper-V manager we routinely connect to VMs, except today we could connect to some and not to others.  Weird.  On most we simply double-click or right-click and select Connect and we’re quickly on our way.  Performing these actions today, however, resulted in absolutely nothing happening on several machines.

After searching for answers, I happened to think about the potential of some left-over terminal services connections causing the problem.  Sure enough, I logged on to one of our other servers and found an administrative terminal services session open to the server exhibiting the problem.  After logging out of both sessions and logging back in to only one, the problem immediately went away.

Watch out for those dangling terminal services sessions!

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