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Repairing My Life Fitness x5i Elliptical Console (Part Number XCI-0000-0102)

Posted by Russell Wright on January 8, 2010

I have this real nice Life Fitness elliptical trainer that I really like develop a console problem at the end of December 2009.  Many of the keys would no longer work.  One of the keys that wouldn’t work was the ENTER key, so that made the console almost worthless.  I could select one of my custom workouts, but I couldn’t start the workout because ENTER wouldn’t work.  Along with the ENTER key, there were several other keys that just stopped working.

I contacted Life Fitness but alas, there was only a 3 year warranty and we purchased the elliptical in February 2006.  It was going to cost several hundred dollars to fix, so I decided I had nothing to lose by taking it apart.  They did suggest that I could save about $200 in labor costs by replacing the console myself.  $200?!?  It takes about five minutes to take the thing off and put it back on!

I had already removed the console (four screws on the back), pulled the connectors off and reseated them with no luck, so I began by cracking open the console.  After removing the console from the elliptical (four screws), I had to remove eight screws, two of which are located under the label on the back (which is stuck securely down with very sticky double-sided tape), in order to crack open the console to expose the entire board.

There was one other ribbon connector that was exposed when the back was removed.  Since I hadn’t reseated this connector, I pulled it off and put it back on.  Then I connected the bare console back up to see if I got lucky…and I did!  Guess there was oxidation that set in on the connector over the past few years.  I’m so happy.  🙂


Here’s an update as of June 9th, 2010.  Now I’ve got the same problem others (like Regina) have with the elliptical going into “beeping” mode.  I can get 5, 10 or maybe 20 minutes out of it sometimes before it starts beeping and changing modes randomly.  Even with taking the control display console apart and reseating all the connectors, I am still left with the same problem.  This morning, it got so bad I finally got “motor error” displayed.  Bummer.  Here’s a post on where miles22 was having a similar problem and getting parts, a flywheel servo motor, from Life Fitness.  The possibility of there being a problem in the backend flywheel area actually crossed my mind and I started taking it apart to see if I could get to the parts.  I need a little more time to do some disassembly, so it will have to wait for the weekend.

In the mean time, I talked to LifeFitness support and they were good enough to provide me the service manual for my x5i.


I’ve been working on this over the weekend and have come to the conclusion that there is a problem with the membrane switch part of the console.  If I disconnect the keypad connector on the back of the console (the 7-pin flat connector in the picture) then the erratic behavior goes away.  As soon as this is reconnected, the console goes into crazy mode.  It’s really a shame because I’m pretty sure you can’t purchase the front part of the console with the switches.  I’m going to be shelling out $350 to get my console repaired.

I guess another option would be to replace it with the “non-interactive” version of the console (XCS-0000-0102).  I really hate to dumb down something I paid extra for, but it looks like LifeFitness has decided that there’s not enough demand for a “fancy” console and all the new ones come with a blue console.  When I called the other day, I think they told me I could have mine repaired for $350 or get one of theirs for $450.  I’ll probably get mine repaired…I hope it lasts longer than four years.

IMG_1119 with Callouts

Major update 2010-06-17

After sending my console out for repair, it was pointed out to me by Glenn H. that the source of the problem could be the power supply.  I actually checked my power supply and it was between 13 and 14 VDC, so I thought, "good, 12 VDC, a little high, but not completely abnormal."  I failed to read the specs on the power supply and, as Glenn pointed out, it should be 9 volts, not 12!  Now, he has also pointed out that the $10 power supply probably wrecked the console.  I bet LifeFitness knows about this problem.

Way to go, LifeFitness!  Put a cheap, made in China, power supply on a $3 or $4 thousand dollar machine so when it goes bad, it starts taking out other pieces of the machine.  This sounds like a problem that has been experienced by many people.  If it has happened to you, leave a comment!  I’m beginning to smell a cover up on this one!  Let me know what you think.

Update 2010-07-04

I received my “repaired” console ($350) while I was out of town and installed it today.  While it was out being repaired I purchased a replacement 9 volt, 1 amp adapter on eBay for about $10, so I know that I won’t be damaging the new console with a bad power supply.  The installation went quickly and without incident.  Everything came up and worked.  From what I can tell though, the console was brand new.  At least all the plastic parts and keyboard were new.  There was a new PROM installed on the board, so I’m not sure if they used the same circuit board or not and I didn’t attempt to determine whether it was the same one.  The part that took me the longest was putting the machine back together again, as I had taken some of it apart while troubleshooting (which I’ve documented here). 

My final thought on what happened was this.  Somewhere along the line, probably about two years after purchasing the elliptical, the power supply began to fail.  This may have been caused by a voltage surge or it may just be a cheap, made-in-china power supply.  This was indicated by the console randomly beeping at times when it should be in “sleep” mode.  This was before the failure became a permanent problem (If you have this happen, immediately suspect the power supply.  Take it off and measure the voltage to see if it is still 9 volts.).  Continued use of the over-voltage power supply finally caused a failure on the circuit board…most likely causing corruption of the PROM that contains the program for the board.  I suppose it’s possible that the keyboard went bad, but I doubt it.  I think it was all mainly caused by a corruption of the programmable chip.  Anyway, it was finally corrupted to the point that the keyboard handler code wouldn’t even work correctly.  This made both the keyboard and the console useless.  Since I didn’t have access to a new programmed chip, my only option was to send it out to be repaired.  Oh well, now Mr. E is all up and working…


242 Responses to “Repairing My Life Fitness x5i Elliptical Console (Part Number XCI-0000-0102)”

  1. I expected you would fix it yourself! Great job!

    • Richard Gallant said

      I had the same problem except none of the keys worked. Took it apart, disconneted the connectors and I also got lucky.
      Thank you, you saved me about $400!

  2. Russell Wright said

    Just an update. I was having a problem with the “down arrow” (decrease) time button not working and took the thing apart again. This time I removed the connectors and sprayed them with some electrical contact cleaner and wiggled them back on. Problem went away.

    Guess it just demonstrates that there is some corrosion happening on the connector pins. Too bad they didn’t put a little gold plating on them!

    • I just got a “motor error”. I disconnected all cables and reconnected. Did not work this time. I then plug in the power cord and disconnected and reconnected, it got rid of the error message. Go figure?

  3. Howard Kaplan said

    I have the same model. Mine was beeping spontaneously for several months, then it went crazy and started automatically scrolling through all the workout choices while it was beeping. I did what you said- disconnected the one connector that is actually connected to the circuit board, and then re-connected it. Problem solved!! Thanks, you saved me $380.00!!
    (Remember, you have to disconnect and reconnect the connector that is on the circuit board, not just the ones that connect the console to the elliptical machine).

  4. Regina said

    We have the same model. I came home today to find my machine automatically scrolling through all of the workout choices, beeping away.
    I unplugged it. Later in the evening I plugged it back in, selected my workout and started. I got 20 minutes in and it started changing my workouts on me. I hung in till it lost my information.
    My husband is pretty handy with electronics so we are going to try the same trick and hope it works!

  5. Regina said

    Sad-it did not work.

    • Ryan said


      I know the part of mine that is bad – and I would love to buy your console from you to get the switch out of it if you are no longer in need of it.

      • Russell Wright said

        I sent my console off to get repaired so I no longer have the old one. However, I do now have a brand new console that works great!

      • Ryan said

        Looks like that is what I am going to have to do. I know what the bad part is, but I cant find it anywhere. It is simply a processor replacement that is needed (or a reprogram) which I am unable to do. They have this market cornered! Thanks russell…$350 here I come

  6. Glenn H said

    Hey Guys:

    Thank you for the article, very helpful. I did some of the fixes here, but my console did start beeping again. One suggestion… measure the power supply (the adapter you plug in the wall), it should read 9 volts. My power supply became defective and was reading almost 14 volts. I am not sure how long the power supply has been defective. You can take it to Radio Shack to have it read if you don’t have a volt meter. I am told that this increased voltage from the power supply probably damaged the console. I was also told that leaving the unit plugged in all the time opened the unit up to voltage spikes that could damage the console. I did replace my power supply and for the most part the console has been stable. When I left it plugged in all the time after replacing the power supply the unit started beeping. Since then, I disconnect the power supply when I am not using it. I only turn it on when I workout and the beeping has stopped and the unit appears to get me through a workout although I am waiting for it to fail. I think the high voltage from the defective power supply has damaged the console. I was told that the software in the console get corrupted and that’s why it beeps.

    Needless to say, are there any cheap fixes for the console? Life Fitness has them, but at the prices you mention. Does disconnecting the pin connector as circled in yellow in the picture disable any buttons? Is this a fix for a beeping console?


    • Russell Wright said

      Oh crap! I measured the power supply and it was 14 volts! I didn’t check to make sure that was the problem…I just assumed that the power supply was 14 volts…I didn’t check to see that it should have been 9 volts! Well, that was probably the cause of the console crapping out and it’s off to get repaired (@ $350). It makes perfect sense that this would be the cause of corrupted firmware.

      I used to keep the power supply plugged in, but for the last couple of years I always unplug it when I’m not using the machine. One of the reasons I started unplugging it is that it would go into its erratic “beeping” mode when it was sitting idle.

      If you remove the ribbon cable in the picture, you have no keyboard control. Therefore, it’s not a viable solution.

      Glenn, thanks for the insight. I guess I’ve already thrown the $350 away, but I should have a repaired console and, I’ll be sure to get a new, high quality power supply. Russ

  7. Glenn H said

    Hey Russ:

    I may still have to replace or fix my console, but so far so good. I replaced my power supply and only plug the machine in when I need it. I haven’t had any errors yet using it this way. Fingers crossed!

    You sure don’t want to ruin the new panel with a faulty supply! I wish I could find a power supply that displays the voltage. If you come up with anything interesting I’d love to hear from you.


  8. Ryan said

    I too had this problem. It seems it always leads to the power supply. Mine is ruined by the crap power supply that they have supplied. I have wired a switch to mine, and now I have to find a new console or pay lifefitness $350. Expensive lesson for a $10 part!

    I currently have a paper weight!

  9. Glenn H said

    Sorry to hear that Ryan. For a machine that costs that much they should have included an superb power supply. I guess a power supply is taken for granted, myself included. I wish I could find one with a digital readout.


  10. Glenn H said

    Hey Ryan:

    Thank you for the eBay link. Looks like if the input voltage from the wall becomes unstable then it will shut off. If the power supply is putting out more or the unit itself becomes faulty then I am not sure if it shuts off. Anyway, I just shut it off through a power bar when not in use. I’ll check the supply once in a while to make sure it is okay. I bought a power supply from Radio Shack.


  11. Ryan said

    Just in case anyone still needs a console, here is one for $90 that is brand new. It is for the X3 or X5 but will work with the I also. I have spoken to the guy that has this for sale, but mine is a 7 pin connector and this one is a 10 pin.

    • Bob said

      Ryan: Seeing that this was posted back in 2010 I would have to assume it is long gone, but I thought I would give it a shot to see if console is still available.

  12. Jack said

    Glad I came across this thread. Our x5i console stopped working last week. We purchased in 2005. The console lights up but you could be an elephant pressing on the buttons and nothing happens, cannot enter any info or changes setting so the tension is on the lowest number. Called my dealer and the replacment cost for the console is $600. Now that I’ve read these comments I’m wondering about the power supply as well? What is your opinion? We use this machine almost everyday-is it time for a new one? Is it worth putting $600 into it? I’m not a handy person like many of you on this thread. FYI, it’s still in very good shape in my opinion would it be wroth anything? Thanks for the advice.

    • Russell Wright said

      If you are not handy, I would find a friend who has a volt meter (or take it to Radio Shack) and measure the output of the power supply. If it is not 9 VDC (in my case it was about 13VDC) then I would do what I’m doing and write a letter to Life Fitness and complain about the power supply ruining your expensive elliptical. I’m going to write a letter as well, as I believe they have a supplier part problem and are not owning up to the fact and they should hold their supplier responsible.

      If the power supply is good, then I’d invest the $350 in a console. To remove and replace the console requires the removal of 4 screws and disconnecting 3 small connectors. It’s really simple. I’m sure you could get a friend to help you along, if you need assistance. It really only takes about 15 minutes. The console is $350 and the dealer will charge you $250 just to tell you it’s bad and replace it. You don’t have much to lose. 🙂

      • Jack said

        Thanks for the reply. Update since yesterday. I do indeed have a power source putting out over 12 VDC. On the console I had my friend take off the cover and clean and reconnect the connectors. Thankfully, this fixed the problem. I’m guessing I should also order the new power suppy (in 9VDC) from Radio Shack. I actully called the service dept at 2nd Wind here in MN this morning where I bought the unit to clue them into the problem and the potential fix. I agree with you that Life Fitness should own up to this problem and recall and replace the part. Thanks to all of you who saved me over $600 and maybe more as I was thinking about purchasing a new unit. What I really like about this one is the adjustable stride which is now found in more expensive machines. You can add my name to your letter if you want. Regards,

  13. Glenn H said

    Hey Guys:

    Glad to have helped out! My console has been fine as long as I unplug it when I am finished using it. I did replace the power supply, but still take the precaution of unplugging it… just in case!

    Russell, do you have the address for the Life Fitness and a name? I’ll fire off a letter as well. Maybe mention the forum… no one likes bad press.


  14. Chris said

    Hi guys, I have been reading your threads. I have also been down the road with a bad power supply only I have an X3 trainer bought in 2004. I changed mine out, but the console was still bad (lights up like a christmas tree). Then, I ordered a new console – I think it may be a refurbished one. However, when I connected it, I got the same exact response – lights up like a christmas tree. I am using a new power supply from life fitness as well. Any clues to what may be wrong? Can it still be the console or something else? Thank you for posting this valuable info.

    • Russell Wright said

      Chris, does the X3 use the same display? Have you measured the voltage on the new power supply to insure it’s not bad as well? Is the new PS like the old one, or have they changed suppliers? Perhaps they sent the same display back to you? Did you record any serial numbers on it? Not sure how many connectors your display has, but does it light up when you only apply the power? Just throwing out some ideas to try. Russ

  15. Doug said

    We’ve had the same problem described above with our x3i going into “beeping mode”. We had repair folks out and they couldn’t get the problem to repeat. The machine worked for a little while, but then it happended again. We had different repair folks out and they couldn’t get the problem to occur, but told us that our power supply was putting out the wrong voltage and that we should get it replaced. We did, but as you probably figured out, our problem continued to occur and has gotten worse.

    We are about to buy a replacement console and I googled the part number and found this site. This is very disappointing.

    How is it possible that 2 repair shops sent by LifeFitness didn’t know enough to tell us about this problem?

  16. bill walsh said

    I have a LifeFitness X5i that i bought used 1 year ago and I left it in my garage through the winter. The console buttons quit working as time passed – for a while i could use the quick start button but now that doesn’t work either. Any suggestions? I hope i am posting this in the right spot. thank you, Bill

    • Russell Wright said

      Have you checked the power supply voltage to make sure it’s correct? I think many of us have had our consoles stop working because the power supply went bad and destroyed it.

      • Bill W. said

        The power supply was putting out 10.3V which i was told was within an acceptable range. Regardless, I bought a new PS. I took all suggestions to take apart the console and disconnect, spray ends with terminal cleaner and reseat them. This didn’t work for me. The console display still seems to work fine but the only buttons that respond at all are the time buttons and the 4 buttons on the mini console below the main console. Although these buttons beep they have no effect on the machine. How do I know if i need a new console? If i do where is the best place to buy one?

      • Russell Wright said

        That’s similar to the problem I had. I had to order a new console from Life Fitness. I don’t believe that your power supply is within acceptable limits. It should be much closer to 9 VDC. I’m beginning to think that Life Fitness knows that it has bad power supplies that are damaging consoles, but they certainly won’t admit it.

      • bill walsh said

        I checked the power supply which was putting out 10.3V – i was told this is within the acceptable range but i replaced it anyway. My console display seems fine but the buttons don’t work. The time up and down buttons on the main console and the 4 buttons on the smaller console all beep but don’t work. I took the console apart and cleaned and reseated all connectors but this didn’t help. Do i need a new console or is there something else i can try? If i need a console – where is the best place to buy it. Thank you…

      • bill walsh said

        Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where i can buy a new console for an X5i elliptical machine? LifeFitness no longer carry them and their refurbished ones only have a 90 day warranty. They recommended National Gym Fitness who don’t have them either. Thank you…

  17. Todd Johnston said

    I also have a LifeFitness X5i and the buttons stopped working. I have disconnected the connectors and that didn’t fix it. I then ran across this blog and looked at my power supply and it is the:
    Life Fitness 7444801 FPS2012-105
    Its specs are :
    Line 120V 60hz 26W
    Output 12vac 1.67A

    Is my power supply not the correct one? It appears that it is supposed to be a 12v output. It is also made in cadada.

    • said

      I have the same. Did you find out your answer?

      • Al W said

        Todd or Scott.

        I seem to be running into the same issue as most of the others. I want to determine the power supply didn’t go bad over time verses the console. I also have the same power supply you both have and don’t see an answer to your questions to determine if the whole 9 Volt deal applies to our 12 Volt AC version. Please let me know if you were able to figure anything out. Thanks, Al

      • Russell Wright said

        It might be that the board electronics have a voltage regulator ciruit, so the voltage may not matter too much. However, I don’t have one of these I can look at in more detail so I’m unable to help.

  18. lew said

    Have had three consoles on my elliptical machine. All went bad and lifefitness refuses to stand behind it acording to the dealer.Does anyone think I’ll ever buy another piece of lifefitness equipment???

  19. Steve said

    i am also having the ‘beeping/buttons don’t work’ problem. it started off as an intermittent problem and now it is constant. my power supply also reads above 12V, despite having 9V printed on the label. the problem also stops after i remove the 7 pin connector that appears to connect the 8 buttons below the large LED display.

    i have to admit i’m skeptical that the power supply is the problem. i think the problem is simply that one of the keys on the membrane keyboard on the console is damaged and ‘stuck down’ most of the time. if you pull off the 7 pin connector and look at the ribbon cable, it appears that only 6 pins are used. they are labeled key0, key1, key2, key3, com0 and com1. connect com1 to key0 and it is as if you pressed ‘my workouts’. com1+key3=clear. there are 8 such combinations (0+0,0+1,0+2,0+3,1+0,1+1,1+2,1+3) and 8 buttons.

    i haven’t peeled back the membrane keyboard, but i suspect it is composed of 8 simple switches that make the above connections when pressed.

    • Russell Wright said

      Have you measured the output of the power supply? Start there. I had my console apart multiple times, but I never ohm’d out the switches. Ultimately, the only fix I know of is to get a new console. 😦

      • Steve said

        power supply output was 14V instead of the 9V it says on the label. Replaced with a new one but still have the same problem. I can get the unit in diagnostic mode by hitting clear x 2 then cool down, then enter to advance to eyboard test mode and it tells me that the down arrow key in the lower center console is stuck down (almost) all of the time by showing all 7’s on the display.

        i didn’t ‘ohm’ the switches yet but i did map out the following with regard to the keyboard connector:
        com1/key0=my workouts, com1/key1=level up main console, com1/key2=enter, com1/key3=clear/pause, com0/key0=quickstart, com0/key1=workout profile, com0/key2=level down main console, com0/key3=cool down

        this suggests to me that the keyboard is just 8 simple switches and one has failed.

      • Steve said

        connecting an ohmmeter to the different pins of connector for the keyboard (when it is not connected to the pc board) gives ‘open circuit’ readings for all but the down arrow, which reads about 4 ohms. when buttons are pushed (including the down arrow) they read 0 ohms/dead short.

      • Steve said

        with regards to the power supply reading 14V, life fitness tech support says ‘the transformer will put out excessive voltage when tested while not under load’. nonetheless, despite the above findings with the keyboard, my console is now working normally with a replaced power supply.

  20. Travis said

    Another very annoyed Life Fitness owner here.

    Our machine (X5) started playing up before the warranty had expired and as such the control panel was replaced free of charge BUT, we were as was obviously the repair technician that came out to replace the board, that the power supply was the cause of the problem and not long after the new board was in did the same problems start all over again! (Beeping & buttons not working…)

    The supplier had our machine for nearly 4 months with countless excuses one of which had something to do with Life fitness changing hands here in Australia? Parts are no longer available? and now obviously during that time the warranty period is now over and they (Life Fitness) want nothing to do with us!

    Our problems are intermittent, turning the power supply on and off overnight seems to bring the machine back to life once it starts playing up…

    It is only now having found this thread that the power supply has been questioned and SURE ENOUGH it is putting out 13.5+ Volts DC when it clearly states 9V DC.

    I have another supply that is putting out 9V so will change the plugs over and give it a shot on the X5, fingers crossed the board hasn’t already been permanently damaged.

    I would love to put our case to Life Fitness in a way which they would have to listen, Consumer Affairs? Small Claims? Anyone have any experience and advice on the best direction to take?

    • Russell Wright said

      I think, but I haven’t verified this, that the PROM that holds the program is probably fried. I bet if you were able to get a new programmed part (good luck) that you would be able to fix it with a new power supply and a PROM. Perhaps we should get someone to pull out their operational PROM, put it on a programmer and suck the code out of it so we could blow some new parts for others to try.

      I am now using a power supply that is completely different than the one the Life Fitness supplied. I bet it doesn’t fail @ 13.5 volts!

  21. Glenn H said

    OK, where do I sign up to get on the list to get a free console from Lifefitness and a quality power supply? 😉

  22. Travis said

    G’day Russell.

    Well we tried the machine using a true 9V DC power supply and at first everything appeared to work as it should, then after going into one of the programs it went nuts again… beeping, buttons not working at random… Then after a couple of minutes it appeared fine again.

    Definitely something wrong with the PROM, fried by the faulty POS Life Fitness power supply.

    Will update should things change, or should we have any luck with Life Fitness but i highly doubt it.

  23. Paul F. said

    Thank you for this website You just saved me a lot of money.

    I had the issue where my control buttons stopped working. I was going to troubleshoot the circuit board but replaced the power adapter based on the information located here.

    It worked perfectly.


  24. Howard said

    I brought my power supply to my local geeky electronics store for testing. It indeed put out over 12 volts, but the salesperson said that’s normal, since it’s not a regulated power supply, and that the voltage will drop significantly under load (in other words, when actually connected to a circuit), probably to somewhere near the stated 9V. I am no longer so sure that the power supplies are the culprit here, maybe just a cheap quality component on the circuit board that eventually goes bad?

    • Russell Wright said

      That’s a bunch of crap. Almost all electronics run off a “regulated” power supply. To do otherwise would invite disaster, as most electrical components are very sensitve to over voltage conditions. The whole idea behind a regulated power supply is that its voltage does not change based on load (to its rated output). Of course there are other factors/parameters on DC power supplies, but I can guarantee you that over 12 volts on a 9 volt power supply is NOT RIGHT! 🙂

  25. Elaine said

    Add me to the list of people with a console problem. I purchased my Lifefitness x5 used in April of this year and am now having the console begin to beep and the buttons become nonfunctional during my work out. I am glad I found this site so that I can try the power source first. I am also interested in replacing console but am afraid that I may not find one. I am really appalled that Lifefitness has not made an effort to remedy this problem.

    • Russell Wright said

      Once you start getting the beeping, it’s probably all over…something has already been damaged. If that’s the case, the only thing I know to do is to contact Life Fitness and pay $350 for a new console.

  26. Jack Silverman said

    Can you suggest an alternate power supply supplier. I tired the Radio Schaak one but couldn’t locate the proper connector (pin) in any of their stores for their brand (end of the cord). They sell about 20-30 different connectors. Can anyone identify the connector as a part # or another source to find one? Thanks.

    • Steve said

      I used a Radio Shack adapter with Adaptaplug ‘M’ connector. the packaging for this connector says 5.5mm O.D., 2.1mm I.D. (outer and inner diameters). their part number for this connector is 273-344. you get one connector free when you buy an power adapter from them.

      • Chris H said

        This page is AWESOME! You guys saved me a TON of $$$! After buying a $100 Lifefitness x5 replacement power cable, it arrived only to be a 12V 1.67A cord! My console would start blinking like it was on the fritz. I thought I’d have to buy a new console. I’ve searched ENDLESSLY for the power cord type but to no avail. Finally found out here that it’s a 9V 1A cord!! I went down to Radio Shack also, and got the Adaptaplug and ‘M’ connector. I’ll be damned it works now!! It’s maddening to think that Life Fitness hasn’t posted this anywhere, especially after searching for a good 3-4 hours on it online. You guys made my (and my wife’s) day!! Thanks again!

        Fix: Go to Radio Shack, get a 9 Volt, 1 Amp Adaptaplug with an ‘M’ connector.

      • Russell Wright said

        Hope it stays fixed. Most people get some results for some period of time and then the errors start coming back unti…boom! It stops working altogether.

      • Bill said

        Steve or Chris H – When using the Radio Shack power supply with the M adapter, which way do you plug the M adapter tip into the jack for the correct polarity? Is the OEM power supply marked correctly? Thanks in adavance!

  27. Steve C said

    Add me to the list of frustrated X5 owners. Have the beeping and totally non-functioning console (Model XCS, Part #XCS-0000-0102). Talked to LifeFitness Technical services @(800)351-3737, and the 2nd Wind service center here in MN, and they told me that the 13.7V I read coming out of my 9V power supply was within acceptable tolerance levels. I first ordered a new power supply from LifeFitness for ~$15 plus shipping – when I plugged that new supply in, no change to the beeping and erratic, non-functioning console, so I checked the voltage – new supply putting out 13.7V just like other power supply. Assuming it must be my console, I ordered a new console for ~$230 plus tax & shipping. Just received the console today – plugged it in, and now it just is one constant loud beep! Hope I did not fry the new console (only had it plugged in for about 15 seconds)….Has anyone been able to verify that a 9V power supply should only be providing about 9V, and not 13.7V? I understand being under load or not, but not sure about “regulated” power supplies. I intend to go to Radio Shack or go on the eBay link listed earlier for a new power supply. Sounds like LifeFitness may be pulling a fast one – where is Erin Brockovich when we need her?

    • Russell Wright said

      I find it hard to believe that a 9V power supply would be 52% off of its rated voltage. Most regulated power supplies are within the 1% range. Of course, they may have power regulation somewhere on the board. Overall, they have a poor design (whether it’s the power supply or board) and are not willing to admit it.

    • bill walsh said

      Hi Steve – where did you find a console for the X5 for $230. Thank you.

      • Steve C said

        I bought the x5 console through the Life Fitness parts department. Phone number
        (800)351-3737. Bought new power supply, too, for about $15. The new console appears to be working, even though the power supply is stilling putting out 13.6 volts. We shut off the elliptical when we are not using it so we will see how long this new one lasts….

    • Scot Hoffman said

      Steve – I am also interested in where you found a console for the X5 for $230. Do you or anyone else know if the keyboard itself can be replaced? I determined that that the “cool Down” button is shorting and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the board or chip itself. If you look at the alignment of the screws attaching the PCB to the console housing, one screw is directly in back of the cool down button. I would venture a guess that is where my break in the ribbon cable is. Unfortunately, I cannot get underneath where that cable is stuck in between the plastic and buttons without destroying the display console.


  28. Alan Palmer said

    Off to disassemble mine as well. I had thought I was the only one jumping out of bed with a partial heart-attack and a baseball bat ready to smash the beeping red glow on the other end of the room. “Life” Fitness really should recognize and respond to this issue. Any BBB complaints or ConsumerReport releases yet? Quite an expensive product for a company not to stand behind it and to actually charge the customer to fix $10 worth of electronics for $350.

  29. kingston guy said

    anyone can give me some advice how to do with my Life Fitness x3i , it has ERROR MOTOR,

  30. kingston guy said

    Hi everyone,
    can you guys give me some advice how to do with my Life Fitness x3i as it has Error Motor, what should I do and how can I repair?
    Thanks a lot.

  31. Aaron said

    Thanks to everyone for their help, my X3i has the same problems with the beeping and scrolling through the workout progams, none of the keys worked,sometimes i would unplug it and after a day or so it would work again, other times it would not,i have taken my console apart and plugged in all of the connections again, and i would get a day or sometimes a month where it would work fine. after reading that so many other people had the same problem and that the power supply might be the culprit, i took my 9V 1 amp power supply to radio shack and had them test it and just like the rest of you mine tested at about 15v, i purched a replacement and had to snip the end of the plug and use my old end because radio shack did not have and end that fit my X3, any way i plugged in the new power supply and it now works pefect. problem gone!!
    thank again.

  32. Steve Schuh said

    Thanks to everyone for all the clues to answering this mystery. I too have a X5 with the psycho-panel problems. Mine started quite awhile ago, about a year, and went through the typical devolution towards the continued beeping from hell. I bike in summer, so didn’t address it until my wife begged me to just suck it up and pay to have it serviced. Last time I called LifeFitness they said it would be a service call and parts cost on top of that. Cutting to the chase, I finally took the panel apart, unplugged and replugged in everything to no avail. Oh yeah, I also sprayed all the connections with electrical connector cleaner fluid but that didn’t change anything.

    After reading this forum, I had my power-pack tested and sure enough – it ran at 13.5 volts. Bought a new one, plugged it in, but same beeping problem. I finally just unplugged the main green stripped connector just to the right (and a little below) of the power plug-in. By leaving it unplugged, the psycho-beeping stopped and the main (top) of the panel worked just fine. The only thing that doesn’t work are the two bottom CT buttons and the bottom up/down buttons on the bottom panel. The level buttons on the top part of the panel work as does the program button, quick start, and all the rest on the top. I’m totally fine not using the CT buttons, so for me the problem is resolved. Try this and report back any results. I have been leaving it plugged in full-time and so far, it has not acted up. My hero status has been renewed and I now have (for me) a unit that does everything I need it to do. Any changes I will report back to this forum.
    Good luck everyone.

    • Naresh Nagia said

      Steve, that suggestion was a brilliant and simple solution. Not being able to use the lower CT functions are a minor tradeoff, at least for me, who, like you, never used them anyway.


  33. Scot Eric Hoffman said

    I have the X5i and am having the same problem with the beeping as everyone else. Before I found this site, I decided to check the power supply. Of couse, no surprise, the 9v 1A power supply was giving 13+v. Went to RS and replaced it. It seemed to fix the problem, but a few days later the same thing happened. I would also like to verify the current, but when I test it it jumps all around. Any other suggestions. I am about to take apart the console next

  34. David said

    All of this talk about defective a power supply is unfortunately WRONG. One needs to differentiate between a modulated and an unmodulated power supply. A modulated power supply is a true constant voltage, so the current draw is inversely proportional to the impedance. You can get one at Radio Shack for about $30. An unmodulated power supply is cheaper, and what comes with most of the low voltage electronics that we use. With unmodulated power supplies, the delivered voltage varies with the load. When you measure a 9 V power supply with very high load (as is the case with a voltage meter), it will put out a higher voltage (e.g. 14 V). When subject to nominal loads, the voltage output will be much closer to 9 V.

    Conclusion: the power supply is not the problem. The sucky Life Fitness electronics are the problem. NOT built for life.

    • Russell Wright said

      I believe you are talking about a “regulated” vs. “unregulated” power supply. Almost all power supplies that you plug into a wall and subsequently plug into something electronic are “regulated” supplies. You are right about the concept of a regulated supply’s voltage being constant throughout its rated current range. However, to design electronics and rely upon a voltage drop with an unregulated supply to provide the correct voltage at the point of use would be absolutely wrong and a horrible design.

      If you look at the power supply that is provided, I believe it specifies the power supply @ 9VDC. Even if you figured in a 5% variation (pretty generous for a regulated supply), that would only put it at about 9.5VDC.

      One thing we haven’t considered is that the power supplies are all labeled incorrectly from the factory. I might have to do some research on the power supply internals to see if the power supply manufacturer is supplying incorrectly labeled supplies.

    • Howard said

      I was also told, at an electronics parts store where I had my power suppply tested, that the high output is normal, and it drops when a load is applied. I don’t know- it’s possible that the design of the console should have called for a regulated power supply instead of the more standard regulated ones, but I have heard from several reliable sources that the higher-than-stated output is a normal thing.

  35. J Toomey said

    Thanks for the excellent comments. I also had the annoying beeping problem which made it so I couldn’t push any buttons after a while. My power supply was also showing 13.8 volts which was alarming. After reading through all the comments, I decided to check the easiest problem to the most expensive fix to save time and money. I took the X5i console off by unscrewing four black screws. I then did the following in order:
    1. Blow out any dust and press down on the big EEPROM chip to make sure it is well-seated.
    2. Pull out the blue/green ribbon cable – the one in the middle that goes to the lower buttons.
    3. Pull out the blue/green ribbon cable – the one on the right to the main unit.
    4. Replace the power supply: 9V DC 1000mA, Plug is 5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID, Positive in center.
    5. Replace console: 800-351-3737 (part XCS-000-0102 is $230.00)

    For me, the problem was fixed at step 2. So now the lower buttons don’t work which is no problem for me. All the beeping is gone. Life is good (for now, anyways). I didn’t have to buy a better power supply or pay $350 to have it serviced. I’ll bet the problem is coming from static electricity getting into the buttons possibly with dust involved or button-sagging, but the problem was definitely a button-being-pushed-too-much problem. It is kind of like trying to roll-up the automatic windows when someone else is trying to roll them down. Button overload causes all the problems listed above, with the exception of motor malfunctioning.

    • Russell Wright said

      I also started by reseating connectors and the EEPROM. It seemed to make the problem go away for a while, but ultimately it came back and got worse. It will be interesting to see how your situation plays out. Keep us informed!

    • J Toomey said

      The problem came back, but this time I noticed that the down-arrow was getting stuck which froze up the rest of the keys and ruined my workout. Now I know it is a stuck-button issue and not a motherboard or power supply problem. When I look at the motherboard on the right bottom below the power connector, I see a 7-pin ribbon cable connecting the main buttons on the motherboard. The short answer is that I bent the pin labeled “K-COM0” up and away so when I plug the ribbon cable in, that pin doesn’t attach. Problem solved.

      Long answer: I mapped the buttons to the pins as follows:
      Pin USS is dead
      Pin K-COM0 & KEY0 –> Quickstart
      Pin K-COM0 & KEY1 –> Workout Profile
      Pin K-COM0 & KEY2 –> Level Down (main)
      Pin K-COM0 & KEY3 –> Cool Down
      Pin K-COM1 & KEY0 –> My Workouts
      Pin K-COM1 & KEY1 –> Level Up (main)
      Pin K-COM1 & KEY2 –> Enter
      Pin K-COM1 & KEY3 –> Clear/Pause

      I could have just as well bent pin “KEY2” to stop the Down Arrow from sticking, but I need the “Enter” button to also work, so by bending key “K-COM0”, I lose Quickstart, Workout Profile, Level Down, and Cool Down.

      Another option could have been to try to remove the membrane with all the buttons and try to fix the down arrow. I didn’t want to risk breaking all the buttons, though.

      • Tony said

        Wow! thanks for the tip. I had the exact same problem and your solution worked for me. Saved me $ thousands on not having to buy a new elliptical.

  36. Mark said

    I have an x3i that has the same console as pictured in this thread (I think the only difference from the x5i was the adjustable stride). I have had a few motor errors in the past, but unplugging the unit for a while has always fixed it. My problem is different than everyone else but I figured I would post here since this seems to be the most active place for these units.

    My wife tells me the unit made clunk noise in the back the other day and now the unit appears to always have quite a bit more drag. You can still feel the tension being adjusted but a level 1 feels more like 10 and 20 feels like 20. I took the rear housing off and everything looks to be in place. Adjusting the tension appears to adjust the cable going to the Flywheel Assy in what I would consider a full range. It does however sounds like there is a light dragging noise coming from the flywheel assembly I dont remember before. Maybe half of the flywheel is always dragging?

    Any ideas? I guess I will keep taking it apart and see what I find in the flywheel?

    • Mark said

      I was correct. I took the flywheel apart, half of the flywheel was dragging at all times. There are two short cables that adjust the magnets and one side was broken, the other side is quite frayed and will break before long. Looks like it could be tricky to fix. Im going to see if I can get the part and how much it is first. I have had my unit since early 2005 and it has seen quite a bit of use but this still seems like a very weak spot in the design.

  37. Steve C. said

    Big thanks to all have contributed to this website. My X5i started ramdonly beeping a while ago. The console worked okay for awhile and I left it unplugged when not in use. Last week, when I powered it up, the console illuminated but none of the buttons worked. I assumed the console board had finally given up the ghost. I called Life Fitness and learned my board was NLA, but could be sent in for repairs to the tune of $475 prepaid. Then I found this website and read about the challenges with the power supply. So before shipping the console off for repairs, I figured it was at least worth buying a new power supply and eliminating that as a problem. I’ve read the discussions on regulated versus unregulated power supplies, and learned that unregulated power supplies will probably show a higher voltage on a multimeter, but that they actually supply the correct 9V DC under actual load. My original power supply measured 13.4V on my multimeter, so I immediately became suspicious of it. After searching around the internet a bit, I came across, which sells a variety of both regulated and unregulated power supplies. I chose to go with their regulated 9V DC, 1500 milliamp power supply. So long as the power supply supplies the minimum required amperage (1000 mA for my console), having the extra overhead hurts nothing. The power supply arrived promptly. Before powering it up for the first time, I followed the advice suggested here and unplugged and reseated all connectors. I then connected the power supply, crossed my fingers, and plugged it in. To my amazement and gratitude, the console worked absolutely perfectly. All buttons and functions are fully operational again, no spontaneously starts or beeping. Needless to say, this site saved me a $475 bullet. Thanks again for everyone sharing their experiences; it saved the day for me.

  38. Stephen C. said

    My X5i console had been spontaneously starting and beeping for quite some time, but working, so I unplugged it between sessions. Then one day I plugged it in and it illuninated, but none of the buttons would work. I assumed the console had finally expired, so I called LIfe Fitness and was informed that no replacements were available, but that I could send it in for repairs for $475 prepaid. Then I discovered this website mentioned issues with the power supply. I checked mine and got a 13.4V reading, so I thought it might be worth replacing the power supply before biting the $475 bullet. I sourced a regulated 9V DC 1500mA PS from They sell both unregulated and regulated supplies, so I made sure I bought the regulated version. It arrived promptly and measuredd a steady 9.0V. Before powering the console up, I reseated all of the connectors as some have suggested here. Plugged it in and the console lit up, and every single button functioned perfectly. Many thanks for the information shared on this site.

  39. Debbie Novak said

    I had the same beeping problem with my X3I it uses the same console as the x5 and was able to get about a year out of it by unplugging it after the workout. Wish I had found this site because I did do a search to see if others had this problem guess I didn’t use the right info then. I ordered a rebuilt console July 2010 for around $360.00. It started beeping a month ago and I unplugged it hoping it would start working again before I had to shell out more money. Then I found this site, had my power supply tested and it was showing 12 volts. the electrian that tested it was surprised he thought my husband was nuts when he asked him to test it. I went to Radio Shack and bought a new 9v power supply. My X3I is now working again. I know someone said the console already was hurt by this problem but hopefully it will last a couple of years. The Radio Shack guy said the new power supplies will stop working before they will let more than 9volts pass by. My question does anyone know if unplugging after each workout hurts the console? I didn’t contact Lifefitness since my second console is working but has anyone had any luck getting any help from them? Thanks so much for all the help.

  40. Kletus said

    Thanks for this site! Just started having this problem on my x3i this week. Heading to Radio Shack tomorrow to buy a regulated 9v power supply and some contact cleaner. Guess we’ll see how it goes.

  41. Brian said

    Thanks for the help. My x3i also started the erratic beeping recently, so I started my search online to find the solution. Thanks to this site I now have a new power supply (original read 13.5V when tested) and everything seems to be in working order. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that nothing was damaged in the console. Thanks Again!

  42. Matt said

    It must be time for the X3i’s… I thought there was a ghost in my basement messing with me during this morning’s workout. I’ve order a 9V power supply and hopefully will be back at it in a few days.

  43. Jen said

    We are having the same problem with the x5i. Before we found this site, we had a technician come out for diagnostic and repair, but after spending the $200, he could not fix it and said we needed to replace the console. However, we CANNOT find the serial number on our x5i. Is there some secret we don’t know about? We’ve looked at this thing top to bottom with no luck. We have a feeling that it arrived without a serial number and we never noticed it. The place we bought the x5i from is no longer in business. In order to buy a new console we need a serial number. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  44. Steve said

    the serial number for my unit was on a white sticker on the front of the rear stabilizer bar (the back ‘foot’ of the unit) on the right side.

  45. Bill said

    Great website with a ton of great info. I was just about to have the “skilled” LifeFitness repair jockey come to my house for their $100 show up charge and $1 a minute thereafter charge! Whoa!! I’m heading to RS to get a PS hopefully and dissasemble it and clean the motherboard to see if that fixes anything. I have had all the symptoms leading up to complete button failure with just the HEART shaped lights on the display illuminating. Wish me luch & thanks to all!!

    • Bill said

      UPDATE TO LAST POST….As expected, the remedy worked! I have a new RS 9.0V PS, took apart the control head to expose the motherboard where I reseated all the cables, reassembled everything and plugged it in. Not surprisingly, it came back to life and I worked out for 40 mins this morning after a 3 month lapse. I did have one ERROR MOTOR after 25 mins but that has happened before. Hopefully that’ll go away as it has in the past and only be an occasional interuption. Not worth spending $300 or more for a new board if everything else works fine. Thanks again for all the great suggestions!

  46. Howard said

    Just following up with everyone. Has anyone had LONG TERM success (more than a couple of months) by any of the fixes here, short of getting a new console? Mine worked for a couple of months after cleaning and reseating the connectors,, then started the beeping thing again.

    • Drew said

      Add me to the list of beepers, an x3i… it safe to assume the power suplly fix is working for those that have not reported otherwise?

    • Tony said

      The beeping may be caused by a sticking button, as descibed in post number 35 above by J. Toomey. When a button sticks, it shorts out the console and locks all the other buttons. It also beeps randomly and the lights still work. On my 2003 vintage Life FItness X5, the button to reduce the intensity was stuck, I bypassed it by bending up the 5th pin from the left on the circuit board. Since there is a second set of increase/decrease buttons, i still have functionality for quick start and can use the unit, But this renders the enter button useless. I had tried the electrical contact spray and no change. I also had my power source tested. It was rated for 12V AC and was putting out 13.7V AC. I also tested a new one with the same rating so this is normal.

  47. taz said

    I am having similar problems with my x3. it seemed to be working fine then it randomly beeps and counts (like it’s doing a workout on it’s own) My power supply is 12VAC, measured at 14.7 when no load attached, Life Fitness said that is ok, but I could order a replacement power supply at the tune of $96.00 and/or a console for $326.00. OUCH When I plug the unit in it goes straight to zeros on the display instead of the LF (like it’s booting up). If I unplug the membrane connector it goes to LF scrolling, but that is as far as it will get. I think must be a stuck button. I can increase and decrease resistance, also I can run time up and down so I’m guessing it’s on of the six program buttons on the lower part

  48. Marcie said

    I have an x5i…had the same problem with the beeping and then nothing. Determined the power supply was indeed putting out too much voltage.
    Have since bought a new power supply…..but when I plugged the new power in there are no lights or sounds on the console and if left plugged in for more than a minute – a burning smell from the console.
    From what i can tell it appears to be the round component labeled sb1 (in the picture above at 1 oclock from the connector pin being illustrated)
    I have a friend that can do the repair, but I need to know what that part is and where I can get one.
    Any help would be great – missing my elliptical.

  49. Scott said

    Here is my story: It started cycling thru the modes while I was using the the machine. There was no control after that until I shut it off by unplugging it. After I pulled the cables and then reseated I tested my power supply and it was reading very LOW. well below 9 Volts in fact down in the 5 range. I too ordered and bought a new power supply but only after a couple weeks at best the beeping and random mode cycling began again. I do not think I will repair it. I got close to 6 years out of it and just do not want to spend the cash on what can be a very iffy fix from what I read here.

  50. Scott said

    If any one reads this IT would be nice to know where parts are being priced at and ordered from?

    • Scott said

      Just noting what I am doing now I unplug when not in use, that way seems to prevent problems and it so far works correct each time I use it.

      • Kevin said

        This worked for me for a while. But I run for an hour and it didn’t last that long. I removed the beeper… Still waiting on a reply about the AC/DC thing. My x5 came with a 12vac power supply. Mine reads 15.5vac. I need to know whether to buy 9vac or 9vdc?

  51. Matti said

    I have had the beeping issue first and then lost all tension. Machine x3i is now stuck at level 1. I will try the power supply replacement and reseating first. Thanks to all for the handy info. Yes, I bought the machine new 5 years ago for $2750.00. It still has more years/life left if I can remedy problem.

  52. Kevin said

    My x5 just started the beeping and freaking out. My PS is 12v 1.67a. Should I get the 9v anyway? I always left mine plugged in… Bad idea.

    • Kevin said

      12vac not DC?

      • Kevin said

        Do I buy the 9vac or DC? How many Amps?

      • Kevin said

        My 12vac reads 15.5vac!

      • nutspinner said

        Well, Radio Shack did not have an exact replacement for my 12vAC 1.67A PS (power supply). I can’t just go buy a 9vDC PS when mine is AC (output). I am an electrician and there is a huge difference between the two. All the readings you have done are in DC. What does the back of the PS say? You CAN get DC readings out of an AC PS. I think they are using AC because of the magnetic brake motor. The console would have an AC/DC converter circuit seeing how it would need DC. I am curious how the 9vDC PS’s have been doing. Life Fitness did tell me they used two different PS’s for these machines. Did most of your PS’s come as 9vDC? They also told me that the replacement PS is $100 because they are rare… Ridiculous to say the least. I could have bought 3 Precors brand new for the price of one of these. I am going to try to build my own PS. I will let you know the outcome.

      • Russell Wright said

        Intersting. I am using a 9vdc, 1A power supply and it works great…and it is not rare! It’s hard for me to believe that it can use an AC or DC power supply, unless they have some simple rectifier/power supply circuitry that is converting the AC to DC.

        I’m using one similar to this:

      • m2 said

        This is a great thread of information that’s been ongoing for time now; that said I am confused even more then I was today at Radio shack. We just moved and cannot locate the power supply for our x5i. I went to RS today to get a replacement and was asked 1000 questions about amps, volts etc… All I need is a power supply to make the x5i work; what PS do I buy? Helppppppppp

      • Russell Wright said

        Isn’t is just a 9V 1.5 amp DC power supply? You can always get a power supply that supplies more current (amps), but make sure it’s not less.

    • m2 said

      This is a great thread of information that’s been ongoing for time now; that said I am confused even more then I was today at Radio shack. We just moved and cannot locate the power supply for our x5i. I went to RS today to get a replacement and was asked 1000 questions about amps, volts etc… All I need is a power supply to make the x5i work; what PS do I buy? Helppppppppp

  53. Anita said

    I have an X30 and about two months ago I went to use the elliptical and my start/stop key will not function, neither will my scroll key. I have had this elliptical for 5 years and use it only three times a week. I use my treadmill the other three days a week. I have always turned the elliptical off and unplugged it after each use. All of the lights on the console lights up perfectly well and all other keys work perfectly well. I called Life Fitness manufacturer and all they did was tried to sell me a console for $350.00 Given the time I have had this expensice machine, I find it rather difficult to shed out an additional $350 for a part. My husband took the console off and took the overlay off exposing the circuit board. He thinks I may need just the overlay. I called Life Fitness again asking about the overlay and I was told that they no longer carry the overlay. I would have to buy the entire console. I asked how much did the overlay cost and was told $49.95. Of course, why would they sell an overlay for $49.95 when they can sell a console for $350.00. Life Fitness does not stand behind their products. Thanks to everyone for this wonderful and informative website and information. I am heading out to Radio Shack and get my PS tested and hope it’s that. I intend to get this elliptical fixed, up and running, but I don’t know how. But I am surely not giving Life Fitness another $350 or another penny for that matter, for a console that could be refurbished. If the elliptical was about 10 or 15 years old I would buy another console. But this is totally ridiculous and I don’t even use it every single day. I will keep you all posted as to my results after getting my PS tested. My husband is also going to buy the electrical contact cleaner and spray all connectors and we are going to do just about everything mentioned in this site. My husband said I may wish to think about buying another elliptical. If they all only last for 5 – 6 years I refuse to buy another one. I did ask Life Fitness what was the life span of their ellipticals and was told they last for 7 – 10 years and that some people had them for 15 years.

    • taz said

      Thought I’d update on my X3, I tried another 12VAC power supply (my original one read 14VAC but lifefitness said that was normal) and that didn’t change anything. I played with the console and determined that if I unplugged the keypad it would go to LF on the display, but no further. So I figured it was the keypad. I checked with my meter for opens and shorts and couldn’t find anything. I called and they had the console and overlay in stock. I was going to order the overlay $77.55 (the ad said it was returnable if the sticky back hadn’t been removed.) and if that didn’t fix it, exchange it for the console. then I found out they have a 20% restocking fee, and 30% testing fee for any electronic items. Not wanting to lose half my money right away. I peeled the overlay off and separated it enough to get the wiring. I headed out to my local electronic surplus store and got 10 button switches and a board to mount them on. I wired them up and connected it to the header on the console. Tried it for a week and had no problems. the machine went to sleep like it was supposed to and no more random beeping. I ordered the overlay and haven’t had any problems since.
      8 wires, Pin1 being the closest to the electrical connector (left side if you are looking at back of console)
      Pin 8 —- Level Up
      Pin 8 —- Time Up
      Pin 7 —- Level Down
      Pin 7 —- Time Down
      Pin 6 —- CT Reverse
      Pin 6 —- Enter
      Pin 6 —- Workout Profile
      Pin 5 —- Cool Down
      Pin 5 —- Clear/Pause
      Pin 5 —- Quick Start
      Pin 4 —- Quick Start
      Pin 4 —- Workout Profile
      Pin 4 —- Time Up
      Pin 4 —- Time Down
      Pin 3 —- Clear/Pause
      Pin 3 —- Enter
      Pin 3 —- Level Up
      Pin 3 —- Level Down
      Pin 2 —- Cool Down
      Pin 2 —- CT Reverse
      Pin 1 —- Ground Plane
      if you use push buttons you will not need pin one

      • nutspinner said

        Thanks Taz. Great troubleshooting! Isn’t it crazy the overlay is less than the PS? I’m glad you did this. I bought the materials to build my own PS but found two 12vac PS’s that were close to the same amperage as the original. One was a little less and the other a little more. Neither one changed the status of the console. This led me to believe that it wasn’t the PS at all. They rarely go bad anyway being simple transformers. Can you post the part number of the overlay please.

        Thank you!

  54. taz said

    the part number for the x3 overlay that I needed is 3027502. I got it from you should check out your model number to be sure it is the right overlay for your model. (remember that there is a 20% restocking fee and a 30% testing fee if returned)

    they have the original power supply also for $92, which is crazy. fortunately the electronic surplus store happen to have a shipment of 12vac 1.67A P/S in. they were from some sort of alarm system. it was 11 bucks plus .75 for the correct plug on the end. but now I have a backup p/s also.

  55. fitnes_repair said

    guys i know it sounds like they make cheap parts but they are really good quality i been working with this boards and in general fitness equipment and i really like life fitness so i decide to look only into this brand and if any of you guys need help o a service or a part repair of your life fitness board let me know and im sure i can help you , jcargote people you can leave me a message to gmail and i can eve help you with parts! my name is Carlos

    • Todd said

      Well, I would add my $.02 in all this. I have a x3 that was updated to a X3i console before I purchased it from the Life time fitness store. We started to get a intermittent beeping noise and cycling of the workout profiles that evenetually became continous. In the begining I could unplug it and it would stop or even after a while it would stop. Eventually it started to happen all the time. I googled this problem and discovered this site and the first thing I did was test my PS and it was making 13 volts.

      I got a RS brand PS set to 9V out with the M connector. Confirmed it was 9V and hooked it up. It started beeping like crazy and cycling through the workout profiles. Disconected the keyboard control ribbon and it stopped immediately. After reading some other post’s I figured it was a bad button, most likely the “workout profiel” button is stuck down. Before I even tried to check the pins, I peeled back the overlay but left the membrane on. Just by doing this it must have allowed “workout button” to release and works fine. It does indeed appear to be the button had stuck down causing the display to act up.

      Now I would like to fix this permanently and would appreciate anyone’s help on this. I have been unable to find a replacement membrane key pad for the X3i. The previous one mentioned is for a X3. I look on the website of FitnessRepairParts and they don’t have one. I search google and come up with nothing. The part on the membrane is “Pivot M5517 Membrane Key 015-0316-480 REV 0”. I have done a search for this and bring up nothing. Can anyone help me out? I do not want to replace the whole console as it works fine with the overlay peeled back.

      Also, I lost my “Polar Heart Rate” monitor for this device. What would be the correct one for replacement?



    • said

      Carlos, I Have the same problem everybody else has. The new AC adapter didn’t help and when I disconnect the keys the problem goes away. I talked to lifefitness and a couple of service companies. You can send in your console for repair and pay $1000, no overlay is available for my model. What are the options? Using it to store my cloth on it?

  56. bens said

    I have a XSi that recently started to beeping and going crazy. I went to RS and got the 9V adapter. you need to make sure to use the M type for connection to your unit. It looked OK for few days but started to beep again in the middle of the night by itself. I am going to follow some off the recommendations and turn it off when not in use and only turn it on befroe exercise.
    Tthank you all for your suggestions.

  57. Howard said

    I finally broke down and had my console rebuilt by Lifefitness a few weeks ago. So far it’s great. It cost $500, with only a 90 day warranty.

  58. Todd said

    As I posted in March, my console has worked since I last posted what I did with mine. I believe the cause to this problem is that the button in the membrane under the overlay sticks in the pressed position. As I mentioned, I peeled back the overlay and while doing this seperated the membrane containing all the buttons in the lower portion of the console from the overlay. This must free up the button on the membrane that is sticking. I even thought of maybe putting something around the buttons on the membrane like toothpicks so that the overleay can’t press down hard enough on the membrane to allow for a button on the membrane to stick. However, I have not needed to do this as just the action of seperating the membrane from the overlay and then reattaching it must be enough because my console works perfect.

    • Harry said

      Todd, how did you remove the overlay? Is it possible to re-attach it?

      • todd said

        The overlay came off very easy for me. I just started at the lower right corner and peeled it back. As I got to the membrane containing the buttons, I had to peel that off from the overlay as it stayed attach to the overlay.

      • carlos argote said

        If you want to go into the membrane containing the buttons is because you have a new if you have a used one who knows for how long is going to work, i have something easy and with better results, i have the full overlay and new, brand new no refurbish , with the membrane new too just remove the board and put it in the new overlay new front , i think could be better this contact me jcargote with gmial

  59. said

    Thanks to Carlos I have a working X5. I changed the power supply, I deactivated the problem buttons, what worked for about six weeks. I was ready to burn my unit in front of my house, Today I received a nice and shiny replacement console from Carlos. I installed it in about ten minutes and it works great. Stop worrying and get in touch with Carlos. This should be my last post.

    • carlos argote said

      Thanks Harry , so im here if anybody needs something or got some problems with any life fitness equipment

      • Tom H said

        Hey Carlos,

        I have a Life Fitness X5 – looking for consol, membrane key replacement or repair services. Are you still able to help with this?

      • David Syiek said

        The solution I created, as detailed in my posts dated 2/7/19 to 2/16/19 saved my machine. It is used since every day and has been working perfectly.

        My solution could be implemented by any person that dabbles in electronics. It cost me nothing, because I used salvaged parts, but I think if you had to buy the parts it would be about $30.
        I’d be glad to send pictures if you can suggest a way.

  60. Al W said

    Great blog and info,

    I have a Life Fitness X3i and also have had the buttons stop working. I have have gone through the steps as many of you have and am down to trying to determine if its the power supply or the console. My power supply is the following:
    Life Fitness 69554 01 FPS2012-101
    Its specs are :
    Line 120V 60hz 26W
    Output 12vac 1.67A

    I’m a little confused if the 9 volt power supply (9v DC 1A adaptaplug with “M connector) conversation applies to me. Obviously, this would be the less expensive fix and worth trying before I pop to get my console replaced or repaired, but as I mentioned I’m not clear if this applies to me or if i should try to find the correct power supply. However, it sounds like that is easier said then done without going to Life fitness to buy it.

    Any help or words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks, Al

    • Russell Wright said

      It’s probably the membrane switches gone bad, as stated by others. Might not be the power supply at all, as I’m told the board has voltage regulators on it.

      • Fitness repair said

        Hello guys , in certain point this is correct not always is the power supply , onmy experience I found that 60% can be the membrane , I would say another 15% is the microprocessor another 15% the board if some capacitors are not making a good filtration of noise this could cause the beeping , and 10% the power supply is the problem, unfortunately life fitness doesn’t make all the parts on his place , somebody else make the parts and that’s why some are bad quality, I been working with only life fitness boards and can help you to get the membrane or any other part you guys could need , just let me know


  61. Dan said

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to mention a few things before more people go off and waste money on a power supply for their LifeFitness equipment. I can pretty much guarantee that the problem is not the power supply in all cases I have read here. The wall power supply can have a large range of voltage and still work fine. There is a couple of voltage regulators (L7805) inside the console that will take a voltage in the range of 7.5V to 35V and still produce the 5V supplies needed.

    The real problem in most of the cases I have read here is the cheap membrane switches on the console that either do not ever close or get stuck closed. This causes the console to not work becase either you can’t enter the button you need or the stuck button is not allowing other buttons to be recognized. I fixed this on my console by replacing the membrane switches with pushbuttons. Not an elegant solution but it works and at least now I can use my expensive piece of exercise equipment again.

    • Russell Wright said

      Thanks for the info, Dan. I was wondering if this was the case. I didn’t check this out when I had mine opened at first and didn’t want to open the new one to check out the circuitry.

    • Jon S. said

      Do you happen to have the model number (or type) of pushbuttons that you used to replace the membrane switches?

  62. Fitness repair said

    Hello guys , in certain point this is correct not always is the power supply , onmy experience I found that 60% can be the membrane , I would say another 15% is the microprocessor another 15% the board if some capacitors are not making a good filtration of noise this could cause the beeping , and 10% the power supply is the problem, unfortunately life fitness doesn’t make all the parts on his place , somebody else make the parts and that’s why some are bad quality, I been working with only life fitness boards and can help you to get the membrane or any other part you guys could need , just let me know

  63. Eric said

    I’ve got a X3 I’m trying to repair and as reading over this thread for reference I’m a little confused by something- where did the idea that the ac adapters are the wrong voltage and amperage come from? I’m not necessarily questioning it, I’m more wondering what led everyone to that conclusion, and if it applies to me. I bought this elliptical in a non-functioning state, so I haven’t had the erratic console behavior that many of you have, but after testing my AC adapter I’m certain that it’s toast, and am hopeful that it’s my only problem. My ac adapter is the original, and it says 12v, 60HZ, 26W, 1.67A, so why would I want to replace it with anything different?


    • Russell Wright said

      I think my original assumption from my experience was that my power supply was so far off its rated output voltage that I assumed it had something to do with the failure. It might be, however, based on a great deal of input from others, that I simply had a failure of the membrane switches.

      I did purchase and continue to use a “better” power supply on my X5i.

  64. jason said

    Boy am I glad I found this blog. A couple months ago my X3 started acting up. Random beeping, overlay buttons becoming unresponsive until finally becoming completely unresponsive a couple of weeks ago. After reading the comments here I removed the console and disconnected the overlay from the board, plugged power back in and voila… LF’s scrolling. Prior to that only 00:00 would display, accompanied by random beeping. I went and bought a new overlay from (part # 3027502) for $77 and it arrived today. It worked! Everything back to normal.

    I was shopping around for a new console when I ran across this blog… you guys saved me $300. Thanks!

    • Russell Wright said

      I am so glad you found a reasonable solution to this problem. I was never able to find this part, so you are very lucky! Hopefully, this will help others.


    • Russell Wright said

      Unfortunately for folks like me, our high-end console is no longer available at

  65. Sue Billington said

    Thank you Russell for facilitating this great blog. You have helped me tremendously to avoid, at least for now, a costly repair to my elliptical. Thank you also to Carlos who generously offered a membrane should I need it and advice on what could be the matter with mine.
    I too was unable to lock in any program and had continual beeping. I had resorted to using the elliptical without power or resistance.
    It appears to be fixed by hooking in a 9v regulated power supply and a surger protector both these items I purchased at the Source ( formally Radio Shack in Canada).
    I ‘m hopeful my good luck continues and I will let everyone know how it goes down the road. I also reseated all the pins and even used a hair dryer to ensure there was no dampness inside the console. I ran the hairdryer over the control switches on the front of the console for good measure. Cheers, Sue.

  66. Bill Barker said

    My console problems have subsided for the most part but now the tension at MAX and the buttons will not reduce it at all. When it happened I was using it and thought I heard a slight snap type noise. Has this happened to anyone and do you know how to fix it?

    • Russell Wright said

      There is some feedback (wiring) that goes back to the flywheel that is responsible for adjusting the tension, if memory serves. Not sure how the wiring would physically break or what the result would be, but that is the first thing that comes to mind. Probably way off base, but I thought I’d throw it out there.

    • Mark said

      This issue is likely the flywheel as I mentioned back in post #36. It can be repaired fairly easily. I am fixing mine for the second time now, 4 years later.

  67. Bill Barker said

    I meant to post, I have a X5i that has MAX tension….

  68. Sue Billington said

    I posted on Nov 17th the results of my repair to my elliptical. It has been at least two weeks since my post and I’m happy to report that my elliptical is working faultlessly. Thank you so very much for all the excellent advice! I’m not sure which adjustment provided the fix and I do wonder if the new surge protector had anything to do with it? I still unplug the elliptical when it is not in use!

  69. Becky George said

    Hello my name is Becky I have an X3 elliptical and recently the RPM’s stopped registering on the panel so this suggests to the machine that I am not on it anymore so it stops working every 25 seconds..does anyone have any ideas for this problem? Thanks any help would be great

  70. said

    More info: I have the Life Fitness x5i Version 2. In my case the all of the buttons beeped upon pressing, but none would function. It didnt show any of the errative beeping others have noticed. I unplugged and reseated cables as recommended to see if it would start responding to button presses. By mistake, I forgot to plug in the ‘easy pod’ (thats the bottom set of buttons) and the console worked! (other than the easy-pod buttons obviously). Plugging the easy pod back in caused the console again to not respond to any button presses. I never use the easy-pod buttons so am not too bothered by this. As with others, my power supply was also showing 13.8 volts and I replaced it with a new one. I call BS to tech who said it would show ~14 volts if not under load.

    Im not sure what this means other than I wont have to spend $350 for repair.

  71. Craig Berg said

    When I turn my X3 on it works for a few minutes then the tension level turns to OFF. I have checked the motor and wire to the flywheel, they seem to work fine. I have checked the magnet sensor and it seems fine. I had the console checked by a local electronics store and they could find nothing obviously wrong. Any suggestions for what to check next? Life fitness suggested I purchase a new motor from them but this one seems to work just fine when I put power directly to it.

  72. Sam said

    I am having the same random beeping problems with my x3i. To make a long story short, I have confirmed that the problem is with the buttons on the main console. Do they make a console overlay for the x3i? If so, can someone please give me the part number and vendor? The overlay above (part # 3027502) is for an x3 NOT an x3i. Thanks for any/all help!

  73. john musielak said

    this blog has been wildly helpful & informative to me while i was struggling with my problem(s) so i hope i can contribute for others …

    i’ve got a lifetime fitness x5i that i bought in dec 2004. wifey & i use it at least several times a week.

    for the past few years (feb 2013), it’s gone into ‘beeping mode’ many times and i would do something to resolve that: wait a few days OR remove the console (disconnect / reconnect all the ribbons plus clean the pins) OR swear it it loudly. i tried a new power supply from radio shack and another from lifetime fitness but neither improved the situation.

    a few months ago, it went into one of its standard tantrums & none of my interventions resolved the situation – i basically had an large expensive ‘brick’ – & nowhere to exercise !?!

    since i live a few miles from the life fitness corporate office (western chicago suburbs), i succumbed to their siren and turned in my console for ‘rehabilitation’ which today costs around $450 (plus tax). a tech there (matt) gave excellent service.

    the result is that my x5i is now chugging along like new. with the old console, there was no recognizable difference between touching a button & depressing a button (no ‘travel’). with the new console, it’s obvious that you have depressed a button.

    this was an expensive & annoying resolution, but somewhat better than not having a machine to use.

    happy trails,

    • wburks said

      I did the same thing you did- new repaired console works great; I still use the old power supply – did you use a new power supply with your repaired console ? They didn’t tell me I needed a new power supply just don’t want to mess up the new one.

      • Russell Wright said

        In retrospect, I probably didn’t need a new power supply. However, I do believe you should not keep the unit plugged in when not in use. My replacement console is still functioning. However, I had to repair the magnetic drag assembly, but have yet to post the repair I made.

  74. Chris said

    Just want to thank Carlos for getting me a new membrane (with plastic cover shell).
    I installed it and my LifeFitness Elliptical Cross Trainer X3i works like a charm.
    I also appreciate you mailing this out during a snow storm.
    You are now officially my go-to man for repairs.

  75. Raymond Luxury Yacht said

    I have had a beeping X5i for a few years now (orig bought new in late 2004 i think). The beeping was just an annoyance for these past years but now when I start a workout i only get about 1-2 minutes before the machine goes into “cool down” (as stated on the console). for anyone who wonders where the power supply solution came from, i can say that when I called LF they told me that my prob almost certainly is the power supply.

    It happens that a few years ago i had my machine in Singapore with me (its an American machine) and was using it on a high end transformer. a friend accidentally plugged the machine directly into the wall and fried the original power supply. LF over in Singapore sent a tech and replaced the power supply with a new but not original one. It has worked fine until my recent “cool down” problem. I ordered a replacement power supply based on the model # of current one, but the problem is still recurring.

    After reading through this thread, Im thinking both the beeping problem and the “cool down” problem might both be due to a sticky cool down button (which Im not sure I have ever used actually, haha.). but the button definitely beeps every time its pressed. And interestingly, none of my buttons have much “travel” and I dont think they ever have. So my question is:

    Do you guys think the cool down button could be the problem? If so, how do i disconnect it? Im not a electronics guy, so some of the lingo on here is lost on me. Ive taken my X5i apart a billion times with all my moving, but never the console. im scared to do it cuz id HATE to lose my baby. Can someone sensitive and gentle walk me through this??? hehe. geez i wonder if anyone is actually monitoring this thread anymore….

  76. Col Monte said

    I have an older X5i that has had the same beeping non responsive button issue clearly stated above. I think the lower controls are the common thread to fixing the problem.
    I tried a different lifefitness 9vdc plug adapter (my x5i plug was reading ~14Vdc) and that seemed to help some but when I disconnnected the center blue and white ribbon connector that runs back to the lower controller my problems went away. Still early but even after cleaning and resetting the lower controller panel connection it still did not work so I disconnected it, problem immediately went away. Suspect sweat, grime, dirt, dust…etc got down on those lower touch pad sensor buttons.
    Easy to disconnect the cable- just wiggle and pull straight out on the ribbon connector base. I am leaving my machine unplugged when not in use just in case. Using orginal power supply which read ~14Vdc with volt meter.
    Keeping my fingers crossed. I only paid about 600 bucks for the virtually unused machine when I came back from Iraq in 2008 after messing my knee up from a doctor up near national institute of health, he forgot he paid 3600 for it. This free fix makes it even better deal even without the lower controls which I never used anyway.
    Semper Fi, Monte

  77. Naomi said

    We too had the uncontrolled beeping on our 5Xi, which is now about 9 years old with almost daily use. It started about a year ago and we began unplugging when not in use. In February 2013, the problem escalated to the point that we couldn’t use the trainer and we found your blog, and are so grateful this information is out here! We spent $20 on a new 9v adaptor at Radio Shack and that problem appears resolved, though we still unplug the unit when not in use.

    Last week, a new problem – the resistance stays at max and won’t adjust. Luckily for us, Mark noted the same issue on this same thread back in April 2011. I found an entry on another site ( that supported the diagnosis. I ordered a new Flywheel/eddy current brake assembly from life fitness ($143 plus tax and shipping) and installed it last night. The assembly/disassembly instructions on your blog were invaluable, as was taking photographs as I progressed. I’m not the most “handy” when it comes to mechanical but it was easy enough to do and it appears to have put the trainer back in working order. The hardest part was figuring out how to detach the external cable from the flywheel, and since the internal cables were broken, I just pried it out. I was also thankful to have the repair and service manual printed off the Life Fitness site.

    Anyway, I’m happy to have my elliptical back in working order, and thrilled that this thread continues to be available to me and other users. Thanks!

    • Mark said

      Im glad to hear my previous post helped. It is possible to fix this problem without buying the whole flywheel, I have just repaired mine for the second time in its 10 year life span with the same problem. I bought as set of brake cables from the bike shop with a similar end to the original part and used a grinder to get them small enough to fit the plastic slider. On the other end I used a collar with a set screw from the local hobby shop that I rounded the end to sit in the seat similar to the original ball shaped part. The hardest part is judging the correct length to set the collar and cut the cables. My last fix lasted about 4 years, hoping for at least the same this time around.

      On a different note, I now have the dreaded beeping issue. 😦

  78. michael said


    Thank you very much for starting this webpage and sharing your efforts to fix your LifeFitness Cross-trainer. The information here was invaluable. I thought that I would share my experiences with others so that they might benefit from my efforts, as well.

    I have a LifeFitness X3i cross-trainer, purchased new for about $2,800.00 in 2003, and used by me 3-7 times per week.
    About a 2 weeks ago it began beeping erratically, keyed inputs would only be intermittently accepted, and finally it became unusable. The symptoms were as if a button was stuck in the depressed position–constant beeping, no other inputs accepted, different messages on the screen.

    I checked my AC/DC adapter and found that it was putting out 13.8 V, instead of 9 V. I replaced this w an adapter from RadioShack, but the cross-trainer still beeped and I couldn’t use it.

    I disassembled the console, blew out the motherboard, cleaned all of the contacts, and reseated all of the cables. I basically checked and cleaned every connection, including those in the metal frame and those behind the plastic shrouds to no avail. By the process of elimination I determined that the problem was w the circuitry/buttons on the main console, specifically the My Workouts/Quick Start/Workout Profiles/Up/Down/Enter/Clear Pause/Cool Down buttons. The Time Up/Down (on the main console) and not the E-Z console(w the up, down, CT Reverse and CT Aerobics buttons) were all working normally. I even tried heating the membrane overlay w a hair dryer to eradicate any moisture that may have built up on the contacts, but that didn’t work either.

    I spoke on-line to a repair expert who thought that the console was burned out by the bad voltage. But I disagreed, I think the problem is with the buttons, i.e. the membrane overlay.

    As others here have done, I telephoned LifeFitness (twice) and searched on-line for replacement parts.

    To summarize, there are no replacement overlays available anywhere at any cost. has a refurbished console for $611.10, but no membrane overlays.

    LifeFitness will “repair” your console for $430.00, but they will not replace the membrane overlay–which I believe is the cause of the beeping.

    So with little to lose, I peeled up the thicker, printed overlay to expose the membrane. Turns out the small, flat, round metallic contact patch for the Workout Profiles button was torn and therefore a little bent. I disposed of the small torn portion, leaving the larger piece in place. I then tested each of the eight buttons on the center of the main console by activating each one in turn w a metal screwdriver and they all worked normally. No abnormal beeping.

    I carefully replaced the contact button containing overlay and tried the machine. Everything is working normally.

    If this fails I can always go the Refurbished Console from route but hopefully that won’t be necessary.

    Thanks again to you, and everyone else on this page who documented their experiences, repairs, etc. It was invaluable in my investigation and repair.

    • Russell Wright said

      Thanks for the great info. I’m sure others will be interested in using this low cost method of repair to get it working again.

    • Drewski said

      Like so many others, I had a beeping console that eventually was a non-responsive console. Absolutely no response from my X3i. I’m pretty sure the problem has always been the membrane switches getting stuck so I held my breath, peeled back the membrane cover, massaged the revealed switches, although there was no apparent damage, and voila, problem solved. Thanks to all for their posts and Al Gore for inventing the internet.

    • Michael said

      Just an update: its been over 3 months since my repair, and my X3i is still working perfectly. Clearly, the problem was with the bent/torn metallic switch in the membrane overlay. I encourage everyone with similar symptoms to peel back the membrane overlay, check the shape of the metallic buttons (they should be concave) and using a hair dryer to make sure that there is now moisture on the contacts.

      Thanks again for starting this blog!

    • wburks said

      After trying a few things here, I gave up and sent the console to Life Fitness for repair ($479.49 including tax). The console is easily removed with only 4 screws, easily shipped , and what I got back within 4 to 6 weeks is like brand new. Still using original power supply. No problems- works great. It’s simply a choice of a $480 repair or go buy a new one.

    • Michael said

      Another Update: Over two years since I peeled back the Membrane Overlay and fixed the bent/torn button. My X3i still works great!

    • Dave said

      I tried everything but the peeling back the overlay. Do you simply put a razor blade under the corner and then slowly peel it back? Did you need any adhesive to put it back in place?

  79. Sue said

    Thanks to advice posted on this page by different posters I was able to fix my Life elliptical a year ago. I know what causes the problem for me which was incessant beeping and the inability to enter any program requirements. My screen would just toggle through all the workouts and I was unable to enter resistance levels rendering the machine uselss. My problem is caused by excessive moisture in the printed circuit board behind the screen. By blowing a hairdryer on the board, ( the screws are easy to remove) reseating the ribbon connecters and for good measure running the hairdryer over the membrane screen at the front of the console and also the power connection at the rear of the elliptical my machine has worked perfectly each day for a year until two weeks ago when the moisture levels in my garage increased with a week of foggy days! Again I removed the back of the screen exposing the circuit board and reseated the ribbon cables after using the hair dryer and the machine has performed perfectly since then.

    I replaced my voltage regulator a year ago but I don’t feel that made any difference as the machine still didn’t work after that.

    I feel that moisture in and around the display printed circuit board is what causes my problem at least.

    Good luck!

  80. Ted schmidt said

    Followed the advice of Russell and took apart the console and re-seated the hidden connectors. Worked perfectly and now have full function of the control panel on my X5. Thanks

  81. Dave said

    This thread was extremely helpful. I bough this adapter for my 2003 Life Fitness x5i and it works like a charm.

    1.5a 9v regulated adapter with correct pin size:

    • Jack said

      Thanks for the advice Russ I finally gave up and bought a Precor and absolutely love it. The Life Fitness is now on the junk heap where it belongs. Life Fitness had a lemon product and they didn’t support it.

  82. eb said

    I have all 000 0000 0000 on my machine and no keys change anything ? any help

  83. eb said

    woops its a lifefitness x3 from 2003

  84. Dave said

    Thank you. Thank you. For this post. Lol. I bought two extra x5 machines just to have extra parts. I was planing to switch out the consoles. After having the same button failing problems i switched out the consoles of the to two others and still had the same problem at that point i was at a lose. i read this post and switch the power supply’s and after months of changing out parts. Elliptical works perfectly. Thank you again.

  85. Sue said

    This page has been invaluable!! I have posted several times over the last couple of years to update everyone on my elliptical which continues to work perfectly now for two years since I followed the pin reseating and membrane instructions that you provided. I was ready to dump my machine two years ago.
    Thank you!

  86. Daphne said

    Wow! I am having the same issue with my x3i….I am confused about the console membrane. Can someone explain step by step how to do this without ruining the machine? Thanks!

  87. Suzie said

    I have never posted anything on any site before but I have to say this info was a lifesaver (or $350 at the very least)! Our Life Fitness X3 display was blank and flashing after leaving it unplugged overnight and plugging it back in 24 hours later (we had always just left it plugged into outlet in the past). I took the console apart, removed and reinserted all connectors and still did not work. After reading remarks here I switched out their 12v adapter with another 12v adapter and it works fine. I now have it plugged into a surge protector with an on/off switch and will switch off when not in use.
    Thank you!

  88. Lataillede said

    My Life Fitness x5i console announced a motor error suddenly 15-20 minutes into one of my sessions and quit working. I stopped immediately and unplugged the elliptical. A test of the transformer revealed that it had drifted up to 13v. I bought a replacement on Amazon. Since replacing the transformer I have had no further problems. To be extra safe, I unplug the machine after each use.

  89. Bob said

    I am some what disillusioned with this whole power supply issue. I too have a 300 LB mass of scrap steel in my basement because of a crapped out console board. I bought my unit used and have only had it for 2 years. The power supply that came with the elliptical is a LIFE FITNESS step down power supply transformer. Input 120v AC to 12v AC. 69554-01 FPS2012-010.
    I found a company in Toronto that supplies parts for Life Fitness equipment and thought I had a new lead for my console repairs. I supplied them with the ser # off the elliptical. They returned my call informing me that they could no longer access a new or rebuilt console, however if I needed a new power supply they could help me. So out of curiosity, I asked them what the required power supply should be for my elliptical having supplied them with the ser # earlier. Answer was input 120v AC to 9v DC output. How can this be? Has this elliptical been powered up all these years with 12v AC when it should have been 9v DC. a power supply that was provided directly from LIFE FITNESS from when the elliptical was new.
    When I see all of these threads written previously by other readers and the majority refer to their power supply output of 9vDC I have to believe that my console is dead and unusable because of a wrong supply transformer from LIFE FITNESS.
    Now my question to any of you readers out there who own the X5 elliptical cross trainer and are no longer using it or would consider selling me your console please let me know.
    Thank You and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS
    PS: Carlos can you still gets parts for these ellipticals?

    • Daphne said

      Hi! I have an extra console I can sell you. It’s a long story….I can explain when we talk. I live in Toronto too.

    • Michael said

      Check out my post, Number 78, above. My conole problems were all related to a bent “button” in the membrane overlay. With frequent use, the concave “button” deforms and becomes convex. This caused the thin metal strip of a button to tear with the result of a continuously depressed button. That is why the machine beeps, it thinks you are repeatedly pushing a button. That is also why actually pushing a button doesn’t work–there are too many simultaneous inputs for the onboard processor.

      • Bob said

        Thanks Michael for your response, however my problem is with the printed circuit board, possibly the eprom chip.

  90. Lue Johnson said

    I had the same problem. Repairman said I needed a new 1000 consol. I tried a new power supply from Amazon for 25, and that completely fixed it. Now works great.

    • Russell Wright said

      Hope it continues to work. Most have found it is only temporary, I believe.

      • Russell – I have a 10 year old X5 and the timer does not work properly. If I try to change the time, it does not work. However after a minute or so of working out, the clock starts counting down from 8 minutes. The resistance doesn’t change which is a good thing so I can actually do this 4 times and get a 30+ minute workout. It’s an inconvenience that I would love to have repaired but I can’t see spending $500+ to make it happen. I have purchased a new power supply but it did not do anything. Any ideas?

      • Lou Johnson said

        So far so good. Working as expected. I do unplug it after every workout.

  91. john said

    i have a life fitness x5 that keeps resetting. after “wait” the next step is to program and the program flashes and then goes back to “wait”, an endless cycle. Any help?



  92. john said

    BTW, I checked the voltage output on the power supply and it is at 9v. Disconnected all the cable connector and gave them a shot of contact cleaner and not help there either.

  93. john wellbank said

    HI Russell. Not sure u received first message so posting again.
    I have an x5 and the programming will not work. When it asks to enter a program and I enter it (for instance: manual) the screen goes dark/blank and then reboots/lights up again and asks me to enter a program again. I can hear a very small noise (1/10 of a second) coming from the back of the unit when it goes dark. Every once in a while it will accept the program but after 5 or 6 minutes into workout it resets itself and goes back into the same issue. I have checked the power supply output and it is at 9V and disconnected all connectors in the main console, sprayed them with contact cleaner and re-connected. Any other thoughts?


    • Dave said

      I have this exact problem on my X5. Soooo frustrating. Did you find a solution to yours?

      • Russell Wright said

        Ended up replacing the console. Not sure if that is possible anymore.

      • lori spellman said

        Nothing I’ve done has helped.I called life fitness and they want about $500 to replace/fix the board. My problem was most likely the lightning. I haven’t sent if back yet cause I’m not ready to spend that money on something that might not fix the problem. Now it’s in a bunch of pieces in the garage cause we had to dismantle it when we moved to get it out of the room it was in. I have a bowflex max trainer m5 now. LOVE IT!!!!

  94. Carl said

    My keypads appear to be shot. It’s M5517 ME MembraneKey 015-0316-480 Rev 0 (main) and M5519 ME MembraneKey 018-0316-500 Rev 0. These are for an X5i console (already replaced power supply). I’d be happy to buy from anyone that has these keypads. Suggestions are welcome, too.

  95. Lori said

    My x5i eliptical took a crap when the house got struck by lightning. Took out the tv, garage door opener and the eliptical. The dispaly works and it beeps periodically but none of the buttons work or beep. Can’t do a darn thing. I took it apart and cleaned the conections as posted above, nada. Any advice?

  96. Mary said

    Hello there. After reading all the posts and trying the quick fixes, I believe I need to purchase a new board. Where do I order this from? Once you replaced your board did your problems stop? I am going to get a new power cord as well. Would love advice on where to get this as well.
    Thank you

  97. Kathy R said

    I have the same problem with my x5i elliptical. For the people who sent their console in to Life Fitness to have it repaired, has it worked fine since receiving the repaired console? I’m debating if I should pay the $520 (quoted cost) to have the console repaired by Life Fitness or if I should just trash the elliptical and buy a new one. I would hate to pay $520 only to find the same problem happening again. I have bought a new 9Volt power supply.

  98. Sam said

    Add me to the list. I bought a used Life Fitness X5 two years ago, and now the dreaded beeping along with buttons not working correctly has begun. I tested my power supply and it is putting out a solid 13.8v on the meter; unfortunately as many on here have posted, it should be 9v. I’ll try a new power supply, take off the console and clean everything up, reconnect contacts, etc. and see what happens…

    • Raymond Luxury Yacht said

      All, update to my post from 21 March 2013. It was NOT a power issue. The keys were apparently just getting stuck in the “down” position and often beeping even when I was not using the machine. I remover the console, opened it up, and really did nothing but move the stuff around and put it all back. From then on I have had no issues with my x5i and stull use it 2-3 times a week 30-60 min each workout. Bought new in 2004 in Hawaii for US$4k approx, moved it to Indonesia, then Singapore, then Virginia, now back to Singapore again. Its working great, even on a 110-220 transformer, and no real maintenance since 2009 (called for local service first time it beeped), except what I did myself in 2013. Great machine. No rust even in these tropical climates. No issues even though we’ve moved its all over. Such a good investment. I have since bought the Lifefitness foldable treadmill, but don’t use it as much as the elliptical.

      • Russell Wright said

        That is great! I have small bits of rust on mine (only in Texas) where my perspiration has collected at times. My perspiration is highly caustic. 🙂 Mine is still going and overall has been a pretty good investment…knock on wood. I use it 4-6 times/week.

      • Russell – I have a 10 year old X5 and the timer does not work properly. It starts out at zero. If I try to add time, it does not work. Nothing happens. However after a minute or so of working out, the clock starts counting down from 8 minutes. The resistance doesn’t change, stays where I set it, which is a good thing so I can actually do this 4 times and get a 30+ minute workout. It’s an inconvenience that I would love to have repaired but I can’t see spending $500+ to make it happen. I have purchased a new power supply but it did not do anything. Any ideas?

      • Russell Wright said

        Probably the membrane switches on the control panel. I know some have pulled the control panel membrane apart, but that gets messy and it will probably never look the same.

  99. Russell – I have a 10 year old X5 and the timer does not work properly. It starts out at zero. If I try to add time, it does not work. Nothing happens. However after a minute or so of working out, the clock starts counting down from 8 minutes. The resistance doesn’t change, stays where I set it, which is a good thing so I can actually do this 4 times and get a 30+ minute workout. It’s an inconvenience that I would love to have repaired but I can’t see spending $500+ to make it happen. I have purchased a new power supply but it did not do anything. Any ideas?

  100. Otis said

    I have a X5 with the advance console. It blinks out and resets. I am able to get it to work sometimes. Have anyone else this issue?

  101. Eugene said

    YES, just pulling up the overlay sticks over the membrane makes it work to solve my problem. Thanks a lot to every past post on how to find all the screws to open the console, potential PS issue, and the stuck button fix. I did not replace my power supply as it ends up.

    (However it does need some gentle and careful effort to pull up the overlay so as not to make the overlay face ugly, though. I disassemble the console all the way to just have the top cover of the console, use a 1″ wide ruler to push the overlay from the cable gap at the back and then use a tiny flat screwdriver to pull the overlay over the edge line a bit from the front cover side, stick in a thin but wider rule and push in to gradually evenly lift up the sticker/overlay on the button area. I only pull/lift the area up a bit and only about 70% of the button area enough to touch every button.)

  102. rulas said

    hi, i need the overlay of this x5i

  103. jc said

    I’m in need of a new console for my x5 elliptical. power supply is fine, can’t find the console anywhere anymore, no longer available. Anyone have an elliptical x5 with a working console sitting around. I could sure make good use of a console with working buttons.

    • Mark Anderson said

      I ended up converting mine to be completely manual using a bicycle brake shifter. I can send photos if you are interested. It works perfectly.


      Sent from my iPhone


      • Peggy said

        Mark, I want to see how U did this please. I do not understand WHY these home exercise equipment makers create ellipticals with computer based display panels some of which are outrageously packed with features that the consumer ends up being force to pay for…If you have never watched the UTUBE video on the Landice elliptical with their top tier console go watch. It is beyond my ability to comprehend how anyone would be OK with paying for this kind of sophisticated console. Thanks

      • Steve said

        I would like to see photos of this

      • Russell Wright said

        The “manual mode!”

      • Mark said

        Unfortunately I can’t find the photos I took when I had it ripped apart. But do have the photos of the external pieces. I can’t figure out how you post a photo in a comment though?

        1. I bought a brake cable set that came with two cables and a lever with tension adjustment.

        2. I took apart the housing plastic and removed the console and electric motor that controlled the tension previously.

        3. I mounted the new tension lever on the handle bars by drilling holes.

        4. I ran the cable from the flywheel to the lever and used some collets (?) to join the two cables together and experiment with tension to get it perfect.

        5. Replaces the housing, cut a hole for new cable.

        Can anyone tell me how to post a photo in comments?

    • Peggy said

      Jc, How Long Have U been using/owned this X5 console? What happened that it no longer works? I just bought a new LifeFitness elliptical and hope my console will not be conking out before I get a decent tmeframe of consistent usage. Thanks

      • Russell Wright said

        It’s been lots of years…way over 10, I’m sure. My replacement console is still working fine. I turn off (unplug) the power to the elliptical whenever it is not in use.

  104. Peggy said

    Tale of Two Ellipticals:

    I owned a Life Fitness Elliptical exercise equipment, 5500HRR
    that I used almost daily for 17 yrs that just died.

    I just replaced the entire unit with a new Life Fitness Elliptical, E1.
    The tracking of the calories I’ve burned for the time I use it has changed a lot between these ellipticals.

    on the old Elliptical exercise equipment when I used it for 60 minutes it said I’d burned 425 calories.
    With the new Elliptical exercise equipment, it says I’ve burned 250 calories in 61 minutes.
    These results are Very different!!

    A man who works at an exercise equipment store told me that our understanding of what burns a calorie of food in a human has changed in the last 17 yrs.

    I want to better understand:

    1. how accurate are Life Fitness calorie counting reported display totals on the Go Console display screens?
    2. How accurate is exercise equipment tracking of calories burned on the equipment?
    3. Has the calculations to arrive at a calorie burned changed in the last 10-15 years, and how?
    4. Is there an exercise professional who writes on this topic whom I can read their articles?


  105. jack said

    Can the machine run without the console?


    • Russell Wright said

      I have not tried it, but I doubt it would work correctly, as the electronics to control the eddy current brake are in the console.

  106. Glenn Bradford said

    I too had the spontaneous beep syndrome(#SBS). I paid the money to have my console repaired after replacing my power supply to no avail. The repair entity took like 3 or 4 months citing,”parts on back order” which is complete bs in today’s world(I can get basically anything I want within a week nowadays). I reinstalled the console and the beeping stopped but, because of an injury, schedule and dirtbagged laziness I didn’t discover that the time feature doesn’t work at all until months later. No time displays for time elapsed or time remaining, no heart rate display, no distance… just zeros across the board and after a few minutes it goes to the cool down cycle where, oddly enough, the clock works….. any thoughts?

  107. Ed said

    Thank you. The issues you described are precisely (exactly) the same problems I’m experiencing. I initially had an official Precor service technician make a 110 mile round trip service call (hundreds of $). Whatever work was done, no parts were replaced and two screws were left unseated. Unit worked fine for few months before same problem began to reoccour. Come on Precor, I thought I was buying quality. I feel like I have been ripped off.

  108. Bob F. said

    Hi everyone. I have a Life Fitness x5i elliptical that has the same problem everyone else has been complaining about. It looks like a new membrane will solve my problems. If you have a new membrane that you would like to sell, please contact me at

  109. EdwardL91 said

    This is how I fixed mine.

    • Russell Wright said

      Well, that’s definitely a way to “do it yourself!” Not pretty, but it sure doesn’t cost a fortune for a replacement…if you can even get one nowadays. Great job!

  110. David Syiek said

    I too am having the problem whereby, after a few minutes of use, the console starts beeping and randomly changing. I am not sure that the power supply is the problem even though mine reads 13V with no load. Typically circuit boards contain voltage regulators that take higher input voltage and regulate it to the voltage needed by the circuit. When I examine the board, it indeed seems to contain two L7805CV regulators and when I look them up, they operate between 7v and 35v input voltage. But since other people seem to have some luck with replacing the power supply, I will try that. Perhaps the supply drops below 7v under load? Or has spikes? Amazon has a number of supplies for under $20 that meet the 9v 1A spec and that’s worth trying before resorting to buying a new console. When I checked on that, my model is over $500 (if indeed it is still available).

    • Russell Wright said

      Yeah, it’s probably corrosion underneath the control panel buttons. This is another thing that kills this machine. That’s why I always unplug it when not in use.

    • Aaron said

      Several years ago I had the same problem with random beeping and changing programs, I looked at this forum for solutions. I replaced my power supply and I unplug when not using. I have now been using with the replacement power supply (and uplugging) for several years now with no further problems.

  111. David Syiek said

    I tried replacing the power supply and it did not help. I noticed that the board is actually labeled for +12v as input and not +9v, so that is another indication that the electrical engineer specified a 12v supply to drive the voltage regulators. I suspect that the manufacturer supplied supply is mislabeled as 9v when it should say 12v. Under load it is still a bit high for me (nearer to 13 than 12), but well within the 7-35 range for the voltage regulators.

    I have pretty much narrowed down the problem to the switches. I am going to build a switch panel to mount on top of the console to bypass the existing switches. It will plug to the circuit board just like the original switch panel so I don’t have to butcher the existing hardware to make this change.

  112. David Syiek said

    I just noticed that EdwardL91 posted a solution that is much like the one I will be creating. However, I need to substitute for the main console buttons (10 buttons). I will need to buzz out the keyboard to get the wire assignment. Unless I missed it, all the other mappings that have been posted seem to be for consoles with different switches than mine.

  113. David Syiek said

    I mapped out the keys on my console. For the record:
    COM0: Key0=TIME+, Key1=TIME-, Key2=Workout Profile, Key3=Quickstart
    COM1: Key0=LEVEL+, Key1=LEVEL-, Key2=Enter, Key3=Clear/Pause
    COM2: Key0=not used, Key1=not used, Key2= CT Reverse, Key3=Cool Down

    I built a new keypad using some momentary-on push button switches mounted to a piece of polycarbonate (e.g. Lexan). I wired them according to the above chart. I mounted the new panel using offsets to the left hand side of the console (blocking the explanation of the P1, P2 .. workouts). The connection between the panel and the circuit board was done using a salvaged ribbon cable with a plug already on it. The pins on the circuit board were the same spacing as the plug. I labeled the new panel by printing a 1:1 version with labels of the panel and then sealing it in clear packing tape and then mounting it under the nuts holding the buttons to the polycarbonate.

    It took quite a few hours to do all this, but the new switch panel looks nice and is sturdy.

    But most of all: the problem seems to have gone away!

  114. Lynn said

    Was sorry to hear that so many others were impacted like we were. And why isn’t LIfe fitness accountable for any of their issues and thousands of dollars they cost us??? I had TWO consoles stop working ours. I would not buy anything from a company like this one.

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