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Always Show Full Menu (AdaptiveMenus) Not Sticking – Office 2007

Posted by Russell Wright on December 27, 2009

This is one of the things I detest most in MS Office apps.  The dreaded “Adaptive Menus.”  And yet, after all these years, they continue to come back and haunt me.  I just want them gone!  They started showing up the other day in Outlook 2007.  Then I noticed them in Project.  Where were they coming from?


They are controlled by the Tools | Customize menu option.  All you should have to do is check “Always show full menus” checkbox and you should be done.  I did this repeatedly, but every time I started Outlook, it went away.


The setting is actually in the registry under AdaptiveMenus in the following key path:



Each time I started Outlook I could see it come back (AdaptiveMenus=1) by pressing F5 to refresh the registry editor (REGEDIT) after starting Outlook.  I started hunting around and decided to look at the Add-ins that were loading.  To do this, open the Trust Center under the Tools menu. 


I only had three Add-ins loading and I knew I wanted to keep Kaspersky (anti-virus).  I didn’t think the Outlook VBA Add-in would be a problem.  After fiddling around a little, I found that deselecting the magicJack Add-in would prevent this problem from recurring. 


Now I’ve got my full menus back and they are STICKY!  Yeah!  It’s the little things in life…


6 Responses to “Always Show Full Menu (AdaptiveMenus) Not Sticking – Office 2007”

  1. Brad said

    Thank you! Thank you! I was having the same problem and it was driving me nuts. Now solved!

  2. Greg said

    I also thank you for your patience in finding and posting your solution to this! What an annoying thing magicJack can be at times!

  3. Bob said

    Finally! It’s amazing that MagicJack can get away with doing something like this.

  4. HJGonzalez said

    Dude, you’re a genius! This has been driving me loopy for weeks, thanks!!

  5. Sean Wiens said

    Fix is still alive in 2015. Was having this problem and clearly a recent Magic Jack update broke it. Deselected add-in and all is right again with the world.

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